PMs Are Having Fun In IT Offshoring Projects! Case Studies


By Adam Alami


Available literature suggests that there is a significant growth in the global IT Offshoring market. Ever since the internet has IT Outsourcing/Offshoring is becoming a recognizable IT procurement strategy. IT Project Offshoring execution process has received the least attention in the literature, academics and practitioners signalize that a better management of the relationship will lead to a successful IT Offshoring. However, there is very little empirical evidence underlining how cross-border projects are run. The challenges encountered in the execution process are numerous and not always generic.

The purpose of this qualitative study is to identify, understand and diagnose IT Offshoring project challenges, particularly in regard with Project Management.

The Scope of the Research

The aim of this research is to get an acute insight into challenged faced by IT Offshoring projects, through multiple case studies. For the information gathering, structured interviews from voluntary participants were used. At its core, this research is qualitative in nature, and not quantitative, in that the neither the data nor the findings can be subjected to rigorous statistical or numerical analyses.

The interviews conducted were semi-structures and thus collected data narrative in nature. This data was analyzed using ‘pattern matching’ techniques that suit very well for a quantitative research model.


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About the Author

pmwj40-Nov2015-Alami-PHOTOAdam Alami

Sydney, Australia



Adam Alami
is a seasoned IT consultant with over 18 years’ experience. Business Analysis and Project Management is his passion. His experience revolved around major business transformation projects. He is a versetail IT professional. He accumulated a wealth of cross industry experience with Tier 1 businesses in major projects in the areas of Enterprise Transformation, Integration, Migration, and Systems Modernization.

He has a track of academic achievements. He holds a Bachelor degree in Software Engineering from the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQÀM) and a Master degree in Computing from the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS).

Adam has a passion for research. His research interests are IT Offshoring, Global Project Managements, Banking Technology, Business Analysis, Information Technology and Culture, Enterprise Innovation and Business Solutions.

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