PMP Practice Makes Perfect


pmwj52-nov2016-regan-bookBook Title:   PMP Practice Makes Perfect
Authors: John A Estrella, Charles Duncan, Sami Zahran, James L Haner, Rubin Jen
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
List Price: $39.99 USA; $47.99 CAN
Format: soft cover, 383 pages
Publication Date: Feb 2012    
ISBN: 978-1-118-16976-6
Reviewer: Emma Regan, MBA
Review Date: Oct 2016



The introduction has the information needed explaining why one would need to pass the PMP exam and the advantages of being PMP certified. It also provides the requirements needed to in order to sit for the exam. It does a breakdown of the questions by process group.

This helps the reader understand if they can qualify to be certified as a PMP or what requirements they need in order to do so. It helps in preparation for the process group and what area needs more studying.

Overview of Book’s Structure

Chapter 1 is quick review question which are broken down to 9 knowledge areas. It is does not have multiply choice questions. They are questions which are to test once familiarity with the knowledge areas. The answers are in Chapter two so one can use them to see if they got the questions correct. This is great because they assist the reader in knowing where there are of weakness is and they can review the topic again.

There are 4 practice tests and each contain 205 questions. There is an answer key and also an explanation as to why the answer was selected and the area of reference in the PMBOK guide 4th Ed.


The book has great questions that the student can use in preparation for the exam. The practice questions are random just as the exam. They are 205 per exam and this is great practice since the exam is 200 questions.

Highlights: What I liked!

I like that the book has over 1000 PMP practice questions and the answers. The reference page in the PMBOK guide is helpful when I need further explanation as to why the answer was chosen. The breakdown of the exams to 205 is a great number that way I can practice as if I was doing the exam. This helps in the preparation for the PMP exam.


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About the Reviewer

Emma Regan

North Texas, USA



Emma Regan
is an accomplished Financial Service Professional with a broad knowledge base developed in project Management, Mortgage services, Accounting, and Bankruptcy. She has an undergraduate degree in Management Accounting and an MBA in Management and is currently studying to pass the PMP exam. Email address: [email protected]


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