PMBOK Guide 5th Edition and MS Project 2010: A Practical Step-by-Step Approach


By Satya Narayan Dash, PMP, CSM, MCP


1. Abstract

Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) Guide, from PMI, comes with its 5th Edition in year 2013. MS Project 2010 (MSP) is the latest version available as a General Release, from Microsoft. A number of concepts in MS Project 2010 and the 5th edition of PMBOK Guide go hand in hand. While PMBOK addresses the theoretical aspects; MSP seeks to implement them in a practical manner. However, there are some differences between the terms and terminologies, but the core concepts in both, remain the same. This paper focuses on – how best a PMP or a professional with sound understanding on PMBOK Guide – can use and apply MSP, by harnessing the similarities of principles and practices between MSP and PMBOK Guide.

2. Introduction

The major comparisons between PMBOK and MSP are outlined with primary focus on the Time Management. There are various major constraints defined in PMBOK guide, [v.i.z.] scope, quality, budget, schedule, resources and risk. It must be noted that the traditional triple constraints defined in earlier PMBOK Guide has been done away with since the 4th Edition.

To have a complete understanding, certain Input, Tools and Techniques and Outputs (ITTO) of other Knowledge Areas (KA), such as Scope Management KA, Human Resource Management KA and Integration Management KA from PMBOK guide, have been used. In some places of the document, PMP and PMBOK Guide have been used interchangeably.

3. PMBOK Guide 5th Edition

Every Knowledge Area in PMBOK Guide comes with various Process Areas (PA) or processes. In the 5th Edition of PMBOK Guide, the “Plan Schedule Management” PA has been introduced into the Time Management KA.

It will be pertinent note on other PA along with the important ITTO for in this paper to understand the comparison and convergence between MSP and PMBOK Guide. Following are the six PA, defined in Time Management KA, along with some of the major ITTO.


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About the Author

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Satya Narayan Dash is management professional with around 11 years of experience. He has been associated with various companies such as Motorola, Subex, Wipro, Zoho in roles of Program Manager, Project Manager, PMO & Technical Project Leader, and has coached, mentored, and consulted over a thousand of Project Management, Consulting, PMO professionals across the globe. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar, India and is a certified PMP from PMI, a certified MSP from Microsoft, a certified CSM from Scrum Alliance and also a certified Java professional. His web presence is at http://managementyogi.blogspot.com and he can be contacted at email: [email protected].