One the subject of ‘What is Dynamic Scheduling?’ by Amer Mohey El-Din Fahmy (Egypt), Tarek M. Hassan, PhD (Egypt/UK), Hesham Bassioni, PhD (Egypt).


18 May 2014 

The Editor,

This paper gives a brief outline of various options for scheduling in a manufacturing environment and suggests this is somehow ‘new’ to project management and construction scheduling.  The authors seem to be ignorant of, or completely ignore, the work of Eric Uyttewaal who has been advocating dynamic scheduling for more than a decade and the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) who’s publication Guide to Good Practice in the Management of Time in Complex Projects. (published by Wiley Blackwell in 2010: http://eu.wiley.com/WileyCDA/WileyTitle/productCd-144433493X.html) strongly advocates dynamic, adaptive scheduling.

Eric’s work focuses on developing schedules capable of dealing with dynamic change.  The CIOB has moved this forward to incorporate reactive and predictive adjustments to the schedule using ‘schedule density’ to proactively manage the inevitable changes from the original expectations embedded in the schedule (for more on this see: http://www.mosaicprojects.com.au/WhitePapers/WP1016_Schedule_Density.pdf.

The construction industry and project managers in general seem content to accept the failures associated with inadequate scheduling, however, this would appear to be either a deliberate decision to ‘not invest in scheduling’, or a lack of skills, rather than the lack of access to knowledge inferred by the papers’ authors.

Yours sincerely

Patrick Weaver

Melbourne, Australia