On the subject of the Second Edition paper in the March PMWJ about Global Population Megatrends and Project Management


 March 6, 2013

Dear Editor,

Thank you for your latest edition of the PM World Journal. I particularly enjoyed your most interesting paper: Global Population Megatrends and their Potential Impact on the World of Project Management 

I well remember when a number of us PMI members tried to raise awareness of this topic in the early nineties by launching the Project Earth SIG following Frank King’s address to the PMI’90 S/S in Calgary. Those were stirring days, followed, I regret to say, by years of complacency (And now look what has happened!). We certainly do not seem to have made much progress in this area in the last two decades!

What I think is missing in the learned diatribes of those you referenced regarding population growth is that the troubles cited will lead to internal conflicts such as we see currently in the middle east, conflicts that will only get worse. So, in a way, the problems may well find their own solutions.

Otherwise, where do you suppose all the money will come from for all the projects that you are anticipating?

I fear that the forecast may be more bleak than indicated.


R. Max Wideman, FPMI

Vancouver, BC, Canada