On the subject of the articles in the March PMWJ by Oltmann and Pickavance


March 6, 2013

Dear Editor,

Jeff Oltmann’s article, “Agile vs. Traditional: an Unnecessary War” is a welcome and very clear explanation of what ‘Agile’ scheduling is.

His ‘Plea for peace’ and the last paragraph under “Who’s Right” above it are spot on.

And his wish is granted in Keith Pickavance’s article about, “A new construction Contract for the 21st Century” / “Time Management” which explains how ‘traditional’ work scheduling is used in the immediate time frame of 4 months and ‘agile’ is used in the medium and long range work planning and schedule forecasting or estimating.

These two articles are mandatory reading for all those engaged in construction time management.

Thanks to both authors.

Earl Glenwright, PE, MBA, PSP

Colorado, USA