On the Subject of Marco Sampietro’s paper on Project Team Members’ Perspective in the July PMWJ

9 July 2015

Dear David,

I commend Dr. Marco Samprieto for his excellent and ground-breaking paper, Project Managers: A Project Team Member’s Perspective, published in your July 2015 issue of PM World Journal and the research that has enabled it to be written. I hope that all of your subscribers take the time to read and digest its contents. The evaluations by 100 experienced project team members of their project managers are very well analyzed and discussed, and the statistical implications are clearly presented.

His conclusions are valid that “The point of view of project team members has been almost neglected in the project management literature. This research has started to fill the gap.”

Although every project has a team, there is very little published literature on project management that considers the project team members’ perspective. A recent important book by Marco Samprieto and T. Villa that does so is Empowering Project Teams: Using Project Followership to Improve Performance, CRC Press – Taylor Francis Group, 2014.

Another paper by Marco Samprieto that is based on two chapters of that book is Project Followership: How Project Team Members Can Contribute to Project Success, which was a Featured Paper in the October 2014 issue of PM World Journal.


Russell Archibald
PMI Fellow, HonFAPM
San Miguel de Allende, Mexico