On The Subject of Ethics-Related Articles in the April PMWJ by Dalcher and Cavanagh:


Dear Editor,

Finding two serious ethics-related articles featured in the April PMWJ represents a real milestone for the profession of project management. Darren Dalcher’s “Professionalism, Ethics and the Freedom to Ask the Right Questions” and Michael Cavanagh’s “Advances in Project Management – Asking why? Ethics, Engineering and Project Management” both highlight the critical role ethics plays in the profession of project management. Both also highlight the nature of ethical dilemmas.

I wanted to call attention to a newly released Ethical Decision-Making Framework by the Project Management Institute that can be used to aid the critical thinking necessary to navigate through such ethical dilemmas. This structured sequence of thought provoking steps and questions can be downloaded.


Mike O’Brochta, ACP, PMP
Zozer, inc.

Roanoke, Virginia, USA