On the Big Reverse


On the subject of the December PMWJ editorial titled “The Big Reverse: Politics, Anti-leadership and the Looming Threat to Professionalism” 

16 February 2017

Dear David,

Thank you for tackling this ‘elephant in the room’ as it relates to our project management profession. I for one completely agree with everything that you have stated regarding the USA’s President Trump’s actions, words, policies and administration. It is obvious that the USA system of government will be severely tested this year and for the foreseeable future, and I retain my optimism that we will emerge stronger ethically and morally as a result of the experiences that will without doubt be like nothing we have ever seen before. I believe that the social media that have enabled this to happen will provide the visibility, transparency, and concerted actions that are needed to overcome the threat.

Any of us, whether executives, project managers, or project team members, whether we are in companies, governmental agencies, universities, or work as independent consultants, have faced the ‘politics’ of bureaucracies large and small. Many of us have seen first-hand the dishonesty, duplicity, hypocrisy, and the several ‘-isms’ that now seem to be rampant in parts of the USA and some other societies. Some have chosen at times to change their employment as a result of that experience, but it is much more difficult to change one’s citizenship. What is truly amazing is that this is happening at the highest levels of the USA federal government. Since I have chosen to live in Mexico as a USA citizen for the past 23 years I have a different perspective than many of what is happening. I am convinced that the testing that is now under way between the USA and Mexico will ultimately benefit Mexico very significantly.

It is more important than ever for each of us, no matter where we reside or what citizenship we hold, that we adhere to our professional, ethical, and moral standards in our personal lives as well as our project management lives.


Russell D. Archibald

PhD (Hon), MSc, PMI Fellow, APM-UK Honorary Fellow, PMP, PMI Member No. 6