On Stakeholder Management

On the subject of The Stakeholder Management Perspective to increase the Success Rate of Complex Projects by Massimo Pirozzi


1 February 2018

Dear David,

I would like to call to your readers’ attention the very excellent and informative featured article in your January 2018 issue by Massimo Pirozzi, The Stakeholder Management Perspective to increase the Success Rate of Complex Projects.

Pirozzi presents a very convincing argument that effective stakeholder management is truly at the core of achieving project success, especially for complicated and complex projects. He presents a broader than usual definition of project stakeholders:

“Indeed, stakeholders, including the project manager and the project team, are the doers of the project, as well as other stakeholders, including customers, users, and funders, are the target groups of the project itself: business is the domain in which various stakeholders interact to create and exchange value. The relationships among the project stakeholders are, then, real and proper business relationships, which are associated with the generation, and the exchange, of business and/or social value: in general, this flow of value, among the stakeholders, courses through the project with a continuous exchange of resources and results.”

This paper is an important contribution to our understanding of how to achieve true project success in today’s world of complex projects.

All the best,


Russell D. Archibald, PhD (Hon), MSc
PMI Fellow, PMI Member No. 6
APM-UK Honorary Fellow

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico