No Waste – Managing Waste in Construction

Book Title: No Waste – Managing Waste in Construction
Authors:  Uly Ma
Publisher:  Gower Publishing Limited
List Price: US$54.95
Publication Date:  2012
ISBN: 978-0-566-08803-2
Reviewer: Ed Dameron
Review Date: May 2012


Introduction to the Book

The author progressively grows the subject of sustainability into a much broader spectrum than what we normally think.  The book is written in England and bases projects and issues from that perspective.  However, the issues of sustainability and how to deal with them are very much the same as we face in the United States.  You will find this easy reading book thought provoking and relevant.

Overview of Book’s Structure

The author starts from the basics of defining sustainability then rapidly expands to incorporate all of an organization’s resources.  Concentrating on the construction industry, Dr. Ma explains how the industry is saddled with many policies and he covers the purpose of their origination and reasons why they are often sidestepped.  With a good definition and policies covered, the author dedicates approximately half the book to implementation.

Highlights: What I liked!

The easy reading style and real-world examples Dr. Ma used opens the readership of this book to all levels.  Although somewhat of a text book, it does not read that way and brings a good understanding of sustainability to everyone.


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About the Reviewer

Ed Dameron, MBA, PMP

Ed Dameron has 36 years of diverse healthcare experience in administration, facility planning, project management, equipment planning and procurement and healthcare construction.  He directed equipment planning services at DoD Health Affairs and for two leaders in healthcare program management before carrying on the same role as a self-employed contractor.  Mr. Dameron performed complete equipment planning and procurement services for numerous replacement facilities and addition/alteration projects nationwide.   Ed recently departed from his self-employed status and returned to federal government service planning and managing the equipment outfitting for the replacement hospital at Fort Hood, Texas.  He resides in Plano, Texas, USA.

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