The Next Evolution – Enhancing and Unifying Project and Change Management: The Emergence One Method for Total Project Success

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pmwj20-mar2014-jamieson-IMAGE1 BOOKBook Title:  The Next Evolution – Enhancing and Unifying Project and Change Management: The Emergence One Method for Total Project Success
Author:  Thomas Luke Jarocki
Publisher:  Brown and Williams Publishing
List Price:   US$27.95          Format:  hardcover, 326pp,
Publication Date: 2011       ISBN: 978-0983667803
Reviewer:      David Jamieson, PMP
Review Date:              January 2014

I first remember hearing the term “change management” in the early 1990’s.  Intuitively I knew that there was something missing from my approach to project management.  We were completing the project deliverables, but (in the rough vernacular of my then employer) there were too many body bags.  So as I learned more about the human-element-focus of change management, I embraced the concept enthusiastically.

In practice, though, I was confused as to how to incorporate change management into projects.  As I worked alongside several different consulting firms, I found each of them had their own approach to change management, and they were very different.  Some of them were so superficial that it was almost comical.  And most significantly, none of them were as effective as I hoped they would be.

Enter Thomas Luke Jarocki’s new book, The Next Evolution – Enhancing and Unifying Project and Change Management.  Jarocki raises and answers three fundamental questions:

  1. Where did the concept of change management come from?
  2. Why have many change management programs been ineffective?
  3. How do I effectively integrate change management with project management?

Wrapped around his answers is an insightful analysis of the nature of change, of projects and of the evolution of project management as a discipline.

Jarocki describes himself as an accomplished roll-up-your-sleeves project manager with extensive, broad-based experience.  Most notable to me is his stint as Managing Principal of Organizational Change for Oracle’s ERP consulting practice.  ERP implementations have rightly earned the reputation for being some of the most difficult projects to manage successfully, and change management is a significant component of these projects.  The insights and recommendations in the book are consistently realistic and practical in a way that only someone with real-world experience would articulate them.

The book is divided into two parts.  In the first, Jarocki presents his analysis of the history, concepts and issues at the intersection of change management and project management.  These concepts and issues provide the rationale for, and logically lead to his recommended project and change management methodology, Emergence One.  The second part of the book is a comprehensive, detailed example of the use of the Emergence One Method in the execution of a hypothetical generic project. 


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About the Reviewer

flag-usapmwj20-mar2014-jamieson-IMAGE2 REVIEWERDavid Jamieson, PMP

Tennessee, USA

David Jamieson is an independent consultant with over 40 years of experience in accounting, finance and information technology.  His specialties include project management, change management, shared services, business process improvement, finance/HR systems upgrades and conversions, integrating the finance and HR functions of merged/acquired companies, turnaround of failing finance and IT projects, managing the IT/Finance relationship, and applied use of information technology in business systems.  Positions held include corporate controller, director of IT project management, director of finance human resources, and vice-president of financial services.

Notable accomplishments: Project manager for a project that included the concurrent upgrade of a company’s accounting system, creation of an accounting shared services center, and relocation of the accounting operations of an acquired company; Project manager for a successful IT infrastructure upgrade to ensure compliance with the PCI credit card security standard; Developed and led a crisis management plan that turned around the failing consolidation of 23 accounts payable groups in the U.S. and Canada into one shared services center.  Saved +$4million and created one of the first successful cross-border shared services centers in North America; Effected turnaround of failing shared services organization for a $700 million global manufacturer of non-woven fabrics; Member of a team that negotiated a billion dollar outsourcing agreement for all finance and HR operations of a global manufacturer; and Member of a team that developed plan to restructure all North American finance operations of a multi-billion dollar telecom equipment manufacturer.  Successfully restructured U.S. Control operations from 94 to 64 employees in three states achieving $1+ million annual cost savings while improving performance and quality of results.  Provided oversight to compliance with accounting policies and practices including revenue recognition and balance sheet quality.

David Jamieson has a BS, Economics, from the University of Tennessee and an MBA from the Owen School, Vanderbilt University, USA.  He holds a CPA (inactive) and a PMP from the Project Management Institute.  He can be contacted at [email protected] 

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