Why You Must Take Project Management Seriously


By Eyitayo Ogunmola, PMP 


It’s amazing!! According to reports and expert discuss, Project Management has become one of the fastest growing professions and the most sought after professions in the world. One of the reports i perused emphasized the detailed importance and the global demands of project management by many establishments. It is becoming a global and industrial demand; business necessity and strategic importance.

There is an increase in global awareness as relating to the practises and principles of Project Management and more and more companies and organizations are beginning to realise the value it offers. Without professional sentiments, I can respectfully say that Project Management is the value driver that helps various companies get the most out of its performance.


Project Management is business engineering. And this truth compels me to educate younger professionals about the necessity of Project Management growth quest. It doesn’t end at the certification level. Never!!! It is absolutely wrong to believe that your performance would be measured against your PMP certification. I quite acknowledge that the ‘PMP’ is a coveted certificate among competitions but it’s noble to develop your project management skills beyond the now.

I have seen some written arguments about the traits of Project Managers but I must say that Project Management is not hereditary neither is it controlled by some kind of inborn genes- it’s an art and hence, can be taught and leaned. 

Let me share some basic Project Management Skills with you- Grow UP.


This is simply not just the PM BoK. It’s real. It’s an art. When I started out as a project manager, I faulted in this demand. To say the least, I wasn’t a good communicator. After long hours working on projects, reporting was a ‘devil’. Trust me, I feel your pain. It’s quite difficult communicating to the top management board.  At the beginning of my career, I had lots of complains about the breech of reporting. It was a challenge connecting with my team members. You have to have lots of these: This includes meetings, status reporting, e-mails, phone calls, coordinating, talking to people, and completing documentation. The truth be told – Communication Is key to project survival. 


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About the Author  

pmwj14-sep2013-ogunmola-AUTHOR IMAGE 150x224flag-nigeriaEyitayo Ogunmola, PMP

Team lead, PM Hub Nigeria

Eyitayo Ogunmola is the Founder and the Project Team Lead of PM Hub Nigeria, a Project Management training, consulting and solution organization in Nigeria. He is also a Project Management Training Consultant to Chartered Institute of Project Management, Ghana.

He holds a Project Management Professional Certification form Project Management Institute, Pennsylvania, United States. He is a Green Belt Lean VI Sigma professional and also holds a Certification in Professional Scheduling (PMI-SP). He is the Project Coordinator for ProMaCoN, an organization committed to institutionalizing project Management in Africa. He worked with a team of international participants in the just concluded IPMA Young Crew global e-Collaboration Competition (a congregation of 64 young project managers from around the world) where his team came 2nd runner up. He is a trainer for Acceltage Consulting, Oak Interlinks among other project management consulting companies. He leads the faculty of project management of the College of Supply Chain and Warehousing Management.

Eyitayo was selected to participate in a training in Entrepreneurship and Ventures Creation with Columbus Business School, US.

Eyitayo can be contacted at [email protected].

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