Modern PM & Digitization ”CHANGE“!

Challenge: Finding the Balance between Technique & Person


By Britta Eremit

Bad Homburg, Germany


CHANGE Management of the 21st Century – provides far more than „Make Money“!

The future Core-Competence, which will ensure sustainable success and stability for Organization & People lies within the ability, to balance the “Technical Requirements” and the respective ”Challenges for People” (Management, Leaders and Teams) that need to be linked. All the more it requires to build up a basis, where the factors of success for sustainable and successful CHANGE Management can be clearly identified and transferred into practice.

The Key Indicators

When people are able to perceive, identify and to apply one’s (leaders and employees) own strengths, needs and talents purposefully, the basis will be created for trustful and committed cooperation.

So, what is it that will enable organizations, leaders and employees to guarantee trustful cooperation and at the same time ensure sustainability and stability for “Organization & People”?

The ability to face and deal with permanent CHANGE in a constructive, open and efficient way will become THE Core-Competence for “Leaders & Organizations of the 21st Century” – to generate stability, efficiency and sustainability. Since Barbara Liebermeister’s book „Digitization doesn’t matter!” (German title: “Digital ist EGAL!”) we know that „Leadership means working on relationships – even more in the era of digitization!”


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About the Author

Britta Eremit

BE Change & Company
Bad Homburg, Germany



Britta Eremit is principle of beChange & Company and an Executive Trainer & Author & Speaker specialized on „Change & Strengths“. She accompanies organizations, management and leaders in workshops, team trainings and individual training sessions & coaching through times of CHANGE. She is certified as „SSCC, USA / EBC, Germany / SSC, Germany“ – based on the worldwide leading approach of the strengths concept of the Gallup Institute, New York and People Acuity, USA. http://www.bechangecompany.com

beChange & Company was formed out of the desire to provide CHANGE SOLUTIONS for Organizations, Leaders and Teams, to create sustainability in “Success & Efficiency” and “Engagement & Personal Fulfilment”. The concept focusses on the THREE C’s: CHANGE Competence – CHANGE Excellence – CHANGE Intelligently.

Britta has 20+ Years in International Finance and Real Estate Sector Core area Controlling & Tax Department, Project Management, Client Management, Key Account Management, Head of RFP & Sales Support, Senior Manager Investor Relations & Marketing, Roll out and development of functional relationships between global and local RFP-Teams, strategic and operational issues.

Britta is author of the specialist book “Individual Development – Growing by Transformation” which has been published by Springer Verlag in 2016 in German language http://www.springer.com/de/book/9783658094522.  The English version will be published soon.

Britta Eremit / beChange & Company / Louisenstrasse 89 / 61348 Bad Homburg v.d.H. / Germany / Website: http://www.bechangecompany.com / email: [email protected] / LinkedIn / Tel.: +49 (0) 163 2016340