Mega Projects on Egypt’s Horizon

By: Rania Al-Maghraby, PMP, OPM3
Project Management Consultant
OneWayForward Inc.


Since my young age, when I started to realize the surroundings and recognize the world around consciously, I have always been wondering how a country like Egypt can be poor or needy or underdeveloped?! A country possessing a rich and generous supply of all kinds of resources: human resources (with a population now around 90 million), natural resources (the Nile, moderate temperature all year long, soil, minerals, seas), historical reserve, strategic location, regional leadership, … what else? The list goes long. Given that fact, the undeserved demoted situation in which Egypt exists is very questionable. The problem was definitely with the leadership and management system.

Leadership problems can derail any kind of organization, including a country large organization. When the leadership was lacking vision of the future, careless, showy, and selfish, that opened the doors for endless list of forms of corruption. The result is a stolen economy, lost and depressed people, and lack of control on the future.

Our new Egypt has on its agenda a number of brilliant projects that were dismissed deliberately during the “thieves’ era”. Such projects are promising to take the whole country to new levels, and they are actually receiving a fair deal of attention and dedication at the current time. The following is a short description of some of these mega projects.

1)    Egypt – Saudi Arabia Bridge:

A project that was supposed to be inaugurated back in 2007, but was unexpectedly cancelled without explanation, despite the offered funds from the Saudi side. The bridge is planned to be the shortest land line link between Egypt and Saudi Arabia, crossing the narrowest point in the Red Sea in between of the two countries, supported by islands on the way.


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Rania Al-Maghraby


Ms. Rania Al-Maghraby is an independent management consultant from Egypt. She is PMP® certified, ITIL® Foundation certified, MSc Computer Science, and a certified OPM3® Consultant and Assessor. Rania is the owner and general manager of the OneWayForward Inc. (www.OneWayForward.com), a sole proprietary consultation firm based in Egypt. She is a speaker at several professional events including PMI Global Congress and IPMA World Congress. She has published a number of papers and articles in wide spread international magazines, journals, conference proceedings, and authored books. Rania has contributed to professional development over years as a member in a number of committees and professional organizations. She has worked across local and international private sector companies, NPOs, and governmental organizations of various industries. Her interests include Project Management, Open Standards, Business Administration, and Academic Research. Personal Website: www.OneWayForward.info. She can be contacted at [email protected].