McGraw-Hill 36-Hour Course


Book Title: The McGraw-Hill 36-Hour Course: Project Management – 2 edition
Author: Helen S. Cooke and Karen Tate
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
List Price:   $21.00
Format: Soft cover, 400 pages
Publication Date:   2011
ISBN: 9780071738279 / 0071738274
Reviewer: Rizwan Hasnie, PMP
Review Date: May 2017



This book discusses generic Project Management and its strategies. The target readers are those curious about Project Management and those who are doing or are planning to do Project Management.

This is one of the books from “McGraw-Hill 36-Hour Course” series. It is written by two highly accomplished Project Managers who have also been active leaders in the Project Management institute (PMI).

Overview of Book’s Structure

The Book has twelve chapters spread over 326 pages. Each Chapter begins with Overview and Goals for that chapter. There are sections for Summary and Review Questions at the end of each chapter. There are also five Appendices in the book: Process Flowcharts, PM templates, Organizational Assessment, a Case Study and Deliverables’ Life cycle.

The book is aptly punctuated with graphs, diagrams, tables, charts and bullet points that make it easier to understand the material. The placement of the chapters and flow of the book is very logical and methodical.

After finishing the book and chapter quizzes, the reader can take the open book Final Exam. The Final Examination is available online that could be used to achieve Certificate of Achievement.


The book starts with defining and justifying Project Management. The evolution of Project Management is addressed in a very interesting and informative way. The book discusses all project phases including inception, execution, and closeout in details with hands-on aspects.

The writers also make a very compelling case for having mature Project Management culture in any company. The pros and cons of several Project Management practices are also addressed.

Historical examples, frontline strategies, meaningful flowcharts and tables, reference templates, etc. are strengths of the book. In a nut-shell, this book basically tries to answer “What”, “Why”, “How”, and “When” of Project Management.

The book does have some shortcomings. For example, the book addresses Risks as “Threats” only and does not deliberate on “Opportunity” aspect of risks. Moreover whereas the contemporary PM practices view constraints with several variables (like scope, schedule, budget, quality, resources and risk), the book emphasizes on the classical, and now somewhat outdated, triple-constraints of schedule, scope and cost.

Highlights: What I liked!

I loved the discussion of the evolution of Project Management and arguments of some famous and ground-breaking projects of the past. I found the historical accounts of projects and undertakings and extraction of Project Management lessons from therein to be both enlightening and entertaining.


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