Maximizing Project Success Through Human Performance

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pmwj25-aug2014-Lee-IMAGE1 BOOKBook Title:  Maximizing Project Success Through Human Performance
Author:  Bernardo Tirado, PMP®
Publisher:  Management Concepts, Inc
List Price:   US$37.91         Available in kindle $26.40
Format:  soft cover; 172 pages
Publication Date:   September 2013
ISBN: 978-1-56726-420-3   ASIN: B00GK583ZS
Reviewer:      Elaine F Lee, PMP®
Review Date:              July, 2014

Introduction to the Book

Maximizing Project Success Through Human Performance is an interactive publication that reminds the reader of techniques they already know and also gives them fresh approaches to leading teams.  As project managers, we can utilize this book to enhance our skills in communication with team members and develop the culture of a project management team.  The author, Bernardo Tirado, PMP® is the CEO of a human performance consulting company (www.theprojectbox.us).  The knowledge in the book is based on teaching the Project Management Human Performance (PmHP) model and includes research from Kinestics which is the study of nonverbal communications.

The book is a step-by-step approach that allows personal introspection, discusses communication skills and how to develop a cohesive team.  One of the interesting topics is evaluating risk strategies based on information learned in SWOT analysis of a team and organization climate.  There is a detailed section on body language, vocal tones, and group dynamics.

Overview of Book’s Structure

The book has four parts:  Introduction to Business Psychology, Team: unconscious and conscious behaviors that can compromise project success, Organization: behaviors that can jeopardize your project and a case study.  Mr. Tirado develops his chapters by providing facts and research on the topics, utilizing examples to apply the tools and summarizing each with the conclusion.  There is an index at the end of the book to provide easy navigation.  The flow of the book made it easy to read.  However, plan for utilizing it as a workbook to review situations you are currently in or approaching to use the book to the best advantage.

Highlights: What’s New in this Book?

Maximizing Project Success Through Human Performance navigates the reader through points they may be familiar with such as the Myer-Briggs test, creating a brand with a self-introduction, and stages for group dynamics. Part II of the book is titled Team: Unconscious and Conscious Behaviors That Can Compromise Project Success has many insights.  In Chapter 5, Profiling People at Work, Mr. Tirado discusses a section called “Cues For Stress”.  These include tone or pitch changes, wrong tense, the use of word ‘no’ being drawn out, and other examples.  I found this depth of information useful in forming a better understanding of indicators for team member’s stress.


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About the Reviewer

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North Texas, USA 

Elaine Lee, PMP® is a professional in the telecommunications industry with a BBA in Management from Texas Woman’s University and graduate work from the University of Dallas.  Elaine is a past president for the Dallas Trinity Rotary club.  Elaine is active in Toastmasters International where she has achieved the education levels of Advanced Communicator Silver (ACS) and Advanced Leader Bronze (ALB).  Elaine is a member of PMI Dallas Chapter.


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