Maximizing Benefits from IT Project Management: From requirements to value delivery, 1st Edition


Book Title: Maximizing Benefits from IT Project Management: From requirements to value delivery, 1st Edition

Author:  José López Soriano

Publisher:  Taylor & Francis Group, LLC

List Price:   $69.95 USD

Format:  Hardcover; 302 pages

Publication Date:   October 2011

ISBN: 978-1-4398-4156-3

Reviewer:      Ran Tao

Review Date:              April 2012

Introduction to the Book

With a large number of IT projects failing due to late delivery, coming in over budget, or just being cancelled altogether, it is clear that traditional project management methodologies are not providing an effective framework for today’s IT projects. It is evident that a new Return-on-Investment (ROI) oriented approach is required that focuses on the ROI of a project from its very inception.

This book provides a comprehensive guideline for determining an accurate ROI before the project has progressed to the point where it’s over budget and over-run. It applies an iterative approach to the entire project management life cycle that re-visits the ROI, re-assesses the value delivered, defines the project’s scope, and allows the project to be planned as successive iterations based on the value delivered.

This book details a systematic and simplified approach for effectively and efficiently selecting and evaluating IT projects for your organization. Filled with equations, tables, and figures that facilitate understanding, it explains how to evaluate the subsequent success of a project so that it is simpler to manage, more efficient, and yields the ROI estimated from the outset. Using the novel approach outlined in the book, you will be able to deliver value throughout the project’s life cycle and make sure your projects are delivered on time, on budget, and within the constraints of the resources available.


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About the Reviewer

Ran Tao

Ran Tao is currently Assistant Engineer in the department of Science and Technology at China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC), mainly working in design work of coastal constructions. As alumni of University of Maryland in Project Management, Ran is interested in operations research and risk analysis. Please send any questions by email to [email protected].

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