Manfred Saynisch Project Management Foundation Launched in Germany

By Mary McKinlay in UK

22nd of August 2012, Lille, France –  Manfred Saynisch, an award-winning researcher in Project Management and co-author of “Beyond the Frontiers of Traditional Project Management”, has announced the establishment of the Manfred Saynisch Project Management Foundation in Germany.  The announcement was made on the 22nd of August 2012 at the Research and Innovation Seminar of the International Center for Complex Project Management (ICCPM) held at the SKEMA Business School in Lille, France.

Speaking at the conference in Lille, Manfred stated that he has established his foundation to promote research and development of new ideas in project management.  Stephen Hayes, CEO of the International College of Complex Project Management (ICCPM), emphasised the importance of the work of the Manfred Saynisch Project Management Foundation for the development of ground-breaking advances in project management and their benefits for complex project management.

It was also announced that an annual Manfred Saynish Project Management Innovation Award would be presented to a leading contributor in the project management research field.  On the 23rd August  the Winner of the inaugural, 2012 Manfred Saynisch Project Management Innovation Award was announced to be Professor Dr Christophe Bredillet. Manfred Saynisch, in his introduction to the award  spoke of Christophe’s  ground breaking research for a philosophy of science promoting  Project Management.

(Editor’s note: see article elsewhere in the PM World Journal for coverage of the inaugural Manfred Saynisch Project Management Innovation Award.)

Below is an information sheet about the new Manfred Saynisch Project Management Foundation.

For information about the Manfred Saynisch Project Management Foundation, visit www.mspm-stiftung.de or contact [email protected].

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Mary McKinlay is a Trustee and Board Member for both the Association for Project Management (APM) in the UK and the International Centre for Complex Project Management based in Australia.  Following a degree in Systems Engineering, Mary’s career has encompassed working on large multinational projects as well as internal IT projects.  She is a project management practitioner and, after 30 years in aerospace and defence , founded Mary McKinlay Projects Ltd in September 2005.

In 2005, Mary was appointed as an Adjunct Professor of Project Management at Skema in France where she teaches at the Lille and Paris Campuses.  She also works as a Visiting Professor for the EMBA Course in Complex Project Management at Queensland University of Technology in Australia, in addition to working as a teaching fellow at the National Centre for Project Management at the University of Middlesex in the past year.

Her industrial experience has been complemented by work on research programmes, involving collaboration internationally between industry and academics. She has produced many papers and is a frequent conference speaker worldwide.  The job of interesting young people in engineering careers is a passion of hers and she is also a STEM Ambassador with special responsibilities as a Bloodhound Ambassador (Bloodhound SSC project).