Managing Sustainable Development Programmes


Book Title:  Managing Sustainable Development Programmes

Author:  Goran Brulin and Lennart Svensson

Publisher:  Gower Publishing Ltd.

List Price:   US$124.95

Format:  hard cover; 218 pages

Publication Date:   June 2012

ISBN: 978-1409437192

Reviewer:      Michael DeTuncq

Introduction to the Book

As the name implies, this book looks at the issues involved with obtaining sustainable development from the programs and projects sponsored and funded by the EU Structural Fund in Sweden and the role of project management in the successful attainment of this goal.  These programs and projects are primarily aimed at changing, improving, and strengthening regional growth and employments policies.  A program is loosely considered sustainable if the long term objectives and effects continue after the programs have been implemented and the implementation funding ends.  This book is a critique of the tradition way these programs and projects are managed.  It examines the impact traditional program and project management have on achieving sustainable development  and offers alternatives that Brulin and Svensson contend will produce superior results.

Overview of Book’s Structure

Managing Sustainable Development Projects consists of eight chapters.  The chapters can be grouped in to three sections.  The first section (chapters 1 & 2) explains the high level methods of program and project management and evaluation.  This section supplies the context for how things are generally done currently as well as presenting some alternative methods that are also being evaluated.  The second section (chapters 3 – 7) presents the key research findings and the case studies.  This is where the authors make their case that current methods of program and project governance are not generally producing the intended long-term results.  The third section (chapter 8) is where the authors offer their alternatives to the traditional methods.


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About the Reviewer

Michael DeTuncq, PMP

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