Managing Sustainability into Contracts

Conditions of CSI, AIA, FIDIC and EJCDC



By Mohamed Boudiaf

SKEMA Business School

Paris, France



Nowadays, sustainability is a key issue in all aspects of our life. Unfortunately, it is a topic, which is not enough considered as an important matter as humans tend to look at the short term over the long-term. This paper is developed to analyze the issue and use the Additive Weighting technique  to compare different standard forms such as the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI), American Institute of Architects (AIA), the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) and Engineers Joint Contract Documents Committee (EJCDC). By using the additive weighting technique, we are going to prove which documents have the best clauses regarding the management of sustainability into contracts.

Keywords: Contractors, Sustainable development, Collaboration, Outcomes, Communication, Limits


Nowadays, the question of sustainability is a very important topic in which every one of us should be concerned and involved with. Indeed, our humanity is probably facing its biggest challenge as many environmental issues have been rising in the last decades. It is also one of the most complicated topics to work on as a considerable amount of people; energy and large-scale coordination need to be acquired.

Sustainability is defined as the process of not being harmful to the environment by keeping it safe for the present and for the future generations.

Climate change is a worrying thing. Atmospheric CO2 levels are not falling and politicians meet a lot of difficulties in finding concrete solutions to improve the situation. Global warming is the result of the lack of precaution of all of us and the figures are alarming. According to a study made by the COP 21, “the temperature of the earth will soon become 5.8 degrees higher at the end of the century and the amount of carbon dioxide in 1800 was 31% less than the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere today.”

  1. Problem definition

Not everyone is fully involved or cares about fundamental questions about the evolution of our environment and many studies have shown that we will be in a critical situation in a few years if we do not make serious efforts towards the preservation of the environment. That is why building sustainability into contracts can make people change their habits thanks to the rules that the contractors will set. Therefore, people will be more aware of the matters that occur today and hopefully care more about environmental issues in the future. Many research studies on how to improve sustainability thanks to contracts and integrate sustainability into those have been conducted and this is what we are going to observe through our analysis.

Finally, the aim of this paper is to analyze how the sustainability, with the comparison of different organization standards such as CSI, AIA, FIDIC, and EJCDC is included in the contracts.

Considering this, we will be able to answer the question:

Which sustainability clauses in the AIA, CSI, FIDIC, EJCDC support the most sustainability?


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Editor’s note: Student papers are authored by graduate or undergraduate students based on coursework at accredited universities or training programs.  This paper was prepared as a deliverable for the course “International Contract Management” facilitated by Dr Paul D. Giammalvo of PT Mitratata Citragraha, Jakarta, Indonesia as an Adjunct Professor under contract to SKEMA Business School for the program Master of Science in Project and Programme Management and Business Development.  http://www.skema.edu/programmes/masters-of-science. For more information on this global program (Lille and Paris in France; Belo Horizonte in Brazil), contact Dr Paul Gardiner, Global Programme Director [email protected].

How to cite this paper: Boudiaf, M. (2018). Managing Sustainability into Contracts – Conditions of CSI, AIA, FIDIC and EJCDC, PM World Journal, Volume VII, Issue IX – September.  Available online at https://pmworldjournal.net/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/pmwj74-Sep2018-Boudiaf-managing-sustainability-in-contracts-student-paper.pdf


About the Author

Mohamed Boudiaf

Paris, France



Mohamed Boudiaf is a Msc student at SKEMA Business School, majoring in Project Programme Management and Business Development (PPMBD) and who is 22 years old. He graduated from Nice Sophia Antipolis University, France and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics. He has both economics and project management education background. He loves change and flexibility, as he has lived in many continents in his life (Africa, Europe and Asia). Now, he is well equipped with the knowledge of project management and is ready to be a real Project Manager in the future. Today he lives in Paris, France and can be contacted at [email protected].