Managing Project Competence



Book Title: Managing Project Competence: The Lemon and the Loop   
Author: Rolf Medina
Publisher: CRC / Auerbach Publications
List Price: $89.95
Format: Hard cover, 170 pages
Publication Date:  January 2018
ISBN: 978-1-4987-8438-2
Reviewer: David Johnson Jr, Student
Review Date: September 2018




As a college student looking to acquire a degree in Project Management, I loved this book. It was an easy read and very informative on concepts and practices of acquiring and developing new competence. It is a guide to understanding how competence evolves in an organization and gives illustration and tables to make concepts tangible. It is a resource that students and executive professionals alike, will utilize in the daily work environment.

Overview of Book’s Structure

Managing Project Competence: The Lemon and the Loop, is a list book that breaks the information down in two six chapters. The first deals with the different dimensions of competence, while the second deals with the framework for effective competence management. The third and fourth chapters deal with competence as learning arenas and the methodology for generating competence respectively. The fifth chapter is illustrative and deals with the model of project management as a kite and the role of the PMO office. The sixth chapter supplies the do’s and don’ts of competence management in practice.


The book starts out by introducing the reader to the concept of the competence lemon. The lemon is broken down into six dimensions of competence, knowledge and experience; personal capability; social capability; leadership qualities; ability to learn; and ability to manage complexity. He also explains factors that impact generating new competence and how it is influenced by context.

The second chapter gives the reader the framework for efficient competence management. It explains core and dynamic competencies, competence management, the competence loop and breaks down the mechanisms associated with the loop. Finally, Rolf Medina supplies the reader with learning strategies to make use of the competence loop.

The real meat of this book lies within the third and fourth chapters. In these chapters, Rolf Medina looks at competence management from a knowledge intensive and project intensive perspective. He introduces a methodology for generating new competence called REPI and discusses how the six dimensions of the competence lemon are associated with reflection, elaboration, participation/practice and investigation. He then explains how to utilize REPI in teaching, coaching, competence development, performance management, and team building.


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About the Reviewer

David Johnson

San Antonio, Texas, USA




David Johnson was Honorably Discharged from the United States Army on November 20, 2013. He served From November 20, 2005 until his discharge as a MOS 12T, Technical Engineering Sergeant. David spent 30 months in Afghanistan conquering the hot sands and austere conditions to perform his job as a surveyor, draftsmen, material tester and quality assurance representative.

Through all of David’s military experience he had to learn, adapt and progress in environments that were new to him. Much like when in the sands of Afghanistan, David is now set upon learning, adapting and progressing in a professional environment.

David is a student member of the Alamo chapter of PMI, San Antonio, Texas. He looks forward to gaining PMP certification upon completion of his degree.

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