Managing Millennials

Project Management for an Evolving Workforce



By Evan Piekara

Washington, DC, USA



Managing today’s workforce requires a paradigm shift in order to attract, retain, and develop a workforce that is increasingly comprised of Millennials. At 35% of the workforce, Millennials are tech-savvy multi-taskers who value flexibility, connectivity, and the ability to make a direct impact. They seek rapid career advancement, personal and professional growth, and recognition for contributions. Literature on Millennials considers this generation to be “entitled,” “privileged,” and “disloyal.” While there may be some truth to these allegations, many companies are recognizing the value that this generation offers the modern workforce and are adapting their approaches in order to attract, retain, and grow this valuable piece of the workforce. This article will provide several scenarios and strategies for project managers to better manage today’s workforce and establish a more productive, Millennial work environment.

Paradigm Shift for an Evolving Workforce

By 2020 Millennials are projected to make up over 35% of the global workforce, translation: no matter your profession you will need to learn how to manage, work for, and work with Millennials. In the United States, this generation already is the largest contributor to the workforce. Millennials are considered to be the most educated generation to date, and are characterized by their desire for growth and learning, digital and personal connectivity, and rapid professional advancement. Their desire to be heard, make an immediate impact, and grow personally and professionally are shifting the paradigms and cultures of industries, organizations, and teams. Customizing your approach to managing Millennials can pay huge dividends by attracting this growing population of potential employees, retaining quality personnel, and increasing engagement and productivity.

As one’s workforce evolves, a shrewd project manager must consider inter-generational differences on projects and balance a number of approaches and considerations to maximize productivity.

Below is a quick summary of the generations that comprise almost the entirety of the U.S. workforce:


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About the Author

Evan Piekara

Washington, DC, USA


Evan Piekara
currently works in management consulting as a Senior Manager for BDO Public Sector. Evan supported the launch of BDO’s Public Sector Management Consulting practice helping government and nonprofit organizations develop strategic plans, performance metrics, and manage change efforts. In this capacity, Evan has collaborated with a range of executive leaders and managed diverse teams to deliver results to complex challenges often under tight timelines. Evan currently holds over 8 professional certifications including Project Management Professional (PMP), Change Management Specialist (CMS), Certified Conflict Manager (CCM), Six Sigma Lean Professional (SSLP), Total Quality Management Professional (TQMP), and a Strategic Organizational Leadership Certification (SOLC).

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