Linking Project Management to Business Strategy


linking-project-management-to-business-strategyBook Title:  Linking Project Management to Business Strategy

Authors:  Aaron J. Shenhar, Dragan Milosevic, Dov Dvir and Hans Thamhain, with contributions from 11 additional authors

Publisher:  PMI         Publication Date:   2007

List Price:   US$39.95

Format:  hard cover; 246 pages

ISBN: 978-1-933890-33-3

Reviewer:      Raju Rao, PMI Cert OPM3-P, SCPM, PMP

Review Date:              May 2013 


This book has made a fairly successful attempt in dealing with the emerging topic of relating project management to strategy. It describes the subject starting with a conceptual discussion followed by empirical research ending finally with insight on what the future is likely to be. This approach will be suitable both to the first time reader of this subject as well as the expert researcher who is seeking answers to specific questions.

According to the authors, the need for such a book has arisen because of the missing elements in PM Best Practices which lays emphasis on planning /efficiency, and obsession with processes, and orientation towards tools. Many organizations assume that all projects are of the same type and mindset is “to get job done”. This is interesting because it strikes at roots of our current thinking both within the project management community and executive levels.

The book talks about the Strategic Project Leadership models and its five poles – strategy, spirit, organization, processes and tools. One will find a lot of literature on the subject of strategic management of projects which include many of the concepts mentioned. Some of these have been elaborated quite well in this book namely those on project spirit and the discussion on project strategy. The former because it describes “passion for projects“ as necessary ingredient in project success in a formal way and the latter because of its view with models used for formulating business or organizational strategy. Another interesting topic in the book is Project Success. Here, there is a bold attempt to move away from the more traditional triple constraint parameters of project success to an organizational perspective. 


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Raju Rao, PMP, SCPM, OPM3CC is principal consultant with Xtraplus Solutions, a PM consulting and training company based in Chennai, India.  Mr. Rao has a B.Tech degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Madras, India; a Diploma in Management from the University of Bombay; an Advanced PM certificate from Stanford University; and a certificate from IIM Calcutta. Mr. Rao has over 30 years’ experience in engineering, process and project management and has been an active member of PMI for several years. He held leadership positions in both the 1st and 2nd edition projects of OPM3 and has been involved in development of several PMI standards.  He has presented numerous papers in global congresses and is the co-author of two books – Project Management Circa 2025 published by PMI and Organizational Project Management published by Management Concepts, USA.   Raju is President of South India section of AACE International and founder of the Indian Project Management Forum. Raju Rao lives in Chennai, India and can be contacted at [email protected].