Life Cycle Success Factors that affect the Success of IT Projects and Programs



By Eddie R. Williams



With over 25 years of managing and overseeing successful projects and programs spanning aerospace, DOD, commercial and government agencies before and within Portfolio, Program and Project Management Offices, I am indebted to my initial two mentors who early in my career emphasized keeping a focus on:

  • The Customer/Client (and User)
  • Business and System Requirements
  • The Triple Constraint and other areas
  • Success Factors

With that emphasis over the years I have had a focus on two areas:

1) While not limited to, addressing at least the following group of items including the Triple Constraint components:

a. Scope (project/requirements)

b. Time/Schedule

c. Approved Budget/Cost (approved changes going forward beyond the baseline)

d. Risk Management

e. Quality (approved and implemented requirements)

f. Customer/User Operational Satisfaction (product/system operating reliably in the operational environment)

As my success continued, I continued to be customer (and user) and requirements focused. I managed all my projects and programs with the above emphasis; a balancing act that was, and is, worth it.

Note: About a couple of decades ago it had been reported by Gartner and Standish that  60-80 % of IT projects and programs failed. By whatever criteria, I was extremely disappointed to hear/see that and made a personal commitment to assist in ways that would contribute to a change; increase the success rate. And on the other hand, I was EXTREMELY PLEASED THAT PROJECTS AND PROGRAMS THAT I AND MY TEAMS (because it is about teams) had managed were within the 20% successes.

2)  The other area was not only knowing and understanding the goals and objectives of the projects and programs but understanding and identifying Critical/Business Success Factors (C/BSFs). (The information can be used to create and develop a checklist to review and evaluate a project or program.)


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About the Author


Eddie R. Williams





Eddie R. Williams, a senior business and technical program manager, has over 25 years of experience as a program and project manager for system/software engineering, business solutions, and Information Technology (IT) development and management in aerospace, DOD, and commercial IT industries. He has been a Project Manager, Sr. PM, Program Manager, and Sr. Program Manager. Mr. Williams has been a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) through the Project Management Institute since 1999. Before becoming a certified project and program manager, he held positions such as Systems and Procedures Analyst (programming and creating system/software specifications), Configuration Management Specialist and Manager, Software Product/Quality Assurance Engineer and Manager, Division Administrator/Manager (development methodologies, management and control).

He is also a coach/mentor and educator, has been a speaker at numerous conferences, and is the author of:  Software/Firmware Configuration Management (Within the System Development Process), Management Control and Quality. He also provided program management content that was published in Wiley publication, Program Management for Improved Business Results, Second Edition, 2014. Eddie can be contacted at http://www.itprofessionalfacilitator.com/.

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