On the Subject of the Editor’s monthly Welcome articles

8 July 2016


Dear David

You asked for thoughts about the nature of your editor’s welcome. My thinking is broadly as follows.

You are in a unique and rather privileged position. You receive stuff from all over the world, and materials which cover huge areas of the project management avocation. There can’t be any doubt that, from time to time, you see things emerging which no-one else is in a position to see – or certainly not from your perspective. I think many, if not most, readers would welcome your comments when such things do emerge. They could take any form, and may not happen every month. So I don’t see a standardized approach to such comments as being appropriate. Indeed, it would be a bit of a bonus if readers approached your editor’s welcome to each edition thinking, “I wonder what has caught David’s attention this month”.

I am inclined to think that, if you started doing this, it could well lead you towards modifying other aspects of your editor’s welcome. Indeed, a somewhat different approach towards introducing each edition could make it more interesting (whilst still enabling you to acknowledge new or important contributions/contributors). I also think that you do not need to mention all contributions in your editor’s welcome, as you already have an excellent Table of Contents which does that for you.

So these are some preliminary thoughts, for what they are worth. I would be more than happy to have a discourse with you if you think this would help.

Anyhow, keep up the good work!

All the best

Alan Stretton
Sydney, Australia