Let your project be assessed – Deadline approaches to submit applications for the IPMA® Project Excellence Award.


By Ewa Bednarczyk 


For the 12th time the IPMA runs the most advanced competition among best managed projects in the world.

The aim of the IPMA International Project Excellence Award is to increase the recognition of projects from different countries, different industries and different organisations and to motivate project teams to develop and improve project management. It supports professional project management in achieving high performance and identifies projects as examples of excellent project management.

Right now around 60 international assessors are undergoing refreshment trainings on the Project Excellence Model and award process and getting prepared to assess projects coming from all over the world.

In our opinion this is probably the biggest exchange of best project management practices, said Ewa Bednarczyk, Award Office Manager. Many of our assessors have been involved in the assessment processes since the beginning, that means they’re spreading the knowledge gathered from 88 successfully completed projects, coming from different sectors, cultures and part of the world.

All applicants have the unique opportunity to have their projects assessed by a team of 5 professional assessors and benefit from their rich experience.

Mr. Dan Donciulesku from SIVECO Romania SA, award finalists added: “There are rare possibilities for a Project to be audited or evaluated from outside by PM professionals. The IPMA Project Excellence Award is such a possibility, providing international recognition. If you are tough enough, apply for the Award!”

It’s worth to mention that most of previous award finalists also indicated that already the 1st phase of the assessment process is valuable for them. Choosing the proper project for the competition and writing an application report gives an opportunity for auto-reflections and first improvements are immediately implemented in the organization.

But what the applicants appreciate the most is a final 35 pages benchmark report which includes project strengths and areas for improvement discovered by the assessors in the application report and at the site visit.


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About the Author 


Krakow, Poland

Ewa Bednarczyk currently works for the International Project Management Association (IPMA) where she has administered the IPMA International Project Excellence Award Office since 2007. She is responsible for the coordination of the projects’ assessment process, including organization of the assessors training, assessors’ team composition, preparation of the Jury and final reports. She is the first contact person for the current and potential applicants and those who are interested in the Project Excellence Model. Moreover she supports the establishment of national Project Excellence Awards among IPMA member associations around the world.  Ewa is also a partner in a company pm2pm sp. z o.o. which offers project management training in Poland. Pm2pm mainly trains candidates for the IPMA certification.

In year 2010-2012 Ewa served as the IPMA-Pl Vice President responsible for the Polish Project Excellence Award. Ewa graduated from the Kraków University of Economics and Avans Hogeschool in Breda. She is an IPMA Level-D certificate holder. In her free time she regularly plays squash and treks. Her favorite destination is Nepal.  Ewa is also an occasional International Correspondent for PM World in Kraków, Poland.  She can be contacted at: [email protected].