Learning to be like parents to your own employees


By Sujit Mishra, PMP, ITIL


Pune, India



This paper talks about the relationship between Employee-Manager in the life cycle of an employee in any organization and how it relates to the Parents-Child relationship. How we can derive some learning from our Family life into the Organization’s day-to-day tasks.

Can’t we manage the team members, the same way as we manage our children? We start from the college hires joining a company a similar connotation with that of a new born child. Also from a grown-up child to a much matured adult with a similar connotation with those with experienced employees. How the child learns from his/her Parents both negative and positive behaviors. But the main thing in these relationships between the two is Care, Trust and sincerity and honesty.


The most important resource any company has is its people. An important element in managing a complex project knows how to manage your most valuable asset-your human resources.

Probably the greatest challenge that presents over global projects is the management of the human resource pools. Human resource is now assuming a greater role as strategic business partners. Successful companies realize that true competitive advantage lies in their people.

We can say Human Resource Management is key to success in any Project. A team can make or break the project. Effective Project Managers must possess strong Organizational and behavioral skills. They can motivate others to work on a low-grade work, they can energize them to work harder and put more effort in work, they inspire others to invent new things, and they build job satisfaction for others and help them reach self-actualization. Human Resource Management is serious business. Low team morale is a hindrance to success in any project and it is the Manager’s sole responsibility not only to ensure that the project is successful but also see that the team is satisfied.

We need to try different things to make sure that we adopt ourselves with the young minds of 21st Century and how we can engage and motivate them to realize the maximum potential.

We need to give care to our employees, required freedom, and guidance. This paper talks about replicating our relationship and responsibilities of our Children with that of our employees in any Company.

It is the upbringing of any Child by his/her parents that depends on his/her future. Similarly the Employees performance depends on his/her Manager. Same applies to retention of employees. As we know Employees leave their manager and not the Organization.


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About the Author 

sujit-mishraflag-indiaSujit Mishra

Sujit Mishra is a certified PMP, ITIL expert and an Executive MBA. He has published many papers in International journals and in India’s leading newspaper (The Economic times). He has published and presented papers in various seminars including the PMI National Seminar in 2010 and QAI Conference (PML 2007). Currently he is working at SunGard, Pune, India.  Email – [email protected]

Author’s previous publications include:

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