Learning for the Future Makes a Business More Sustainable


By Prof Mark Reeson, RPP FAPM PMP CPC

M R Project Solutions Ltd

Lowestoft, Suffolk, UK

We have all heard that we need to learn your lessons to be able to improve, but this fact has never be truer than today where each and every day businesses seem to suffer excess costs and continuous waste, making the same mistakes time after time repeatedly increasing costs that they tell so many that they cannot offer to incur.

So how do we learn through our operational actions and our project deliveries to make our organisation or business more sustainable?

As always, the answer is a simple one, not the word is simple not easy. Simplicity has been underrated for far too long with corporations in some cases going to the wall rather than accepting that there can be an answer to their problems by some simple solution development.

So, where should we start, well let’s try at the beginning for now but remember that because this model has been designed with simplicity in mind, you can step in at any time and use the tools.

The key thing to remember about sustainability, or running a sustainable business is that everything starts with Governance.

It is important to understand your own business and to realise what you are going into and if you are to be a success, then what does success look like and how will you be able to measure it?

By recognising the regulations and standards that you have to adhere to, this will be able to establish your scope and capability before you start out or before you look into changing your organisations structure and direction.

In addition, by gaining an understanding of the relevant standards and regulations you know that to be truly success that will be the benchmark at which to aim, but not to say that it makes you successful, but simply to say that you are relevant and ‘in the game’.   The aim of the business is not simply to achieve the standards or the regulations but to surpass them and then look to achieve greater and new goals.


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About the Author


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Professor Mark Reeson is a project management specialist with over thirty years’ experience, a Fellow of the Association of Project Management, he has been involved in many project and programme consultative roles.

Most recently he was appointed a Professor of Project Management at the University of Business and Technology, Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which was a culmination of his great work in training and consulting in the region on matters that relate to project management, supply chain management and sustainability modelling. Having previously held the position of a specialist Sustainability Management Global Advisor he has moved on from that position and now regularly supports businesses and projects alike in streamlining their approaches to chain and strategy providing greater longevity in their business planning.

Having started his career in the Royal Air Force, Mark has continued to develop by working and delivering projects in the nuclear, training and international sporting fields.

Mark has developed his role through further experience with the nuclear industry and is now the owner of M R Project Solutions and fulfils the role of Project Management Advisor. His role is very much client facing and Mark now almost permanently travels the world meeting clients and training and developing their project families either directly through his own organisation or in support of the International Institute for Learning. Mark’s main role is the development and the consultation with many organisations on ensuring they choose the right approach or methodology to deliver their projects and then follows this up with the correct bespoke training programmes for how their company wants to share this learning with their staff members.

Mark has also just launched his ‘Living Learning for Children’ programme from which he promised to take project management learning and behaviour out of the adult classroom and into the schools and colleges looking to develop the technical, behavioural and contextual skills and attitudes of their pupils.

As a regular public speaker Mark now shares his experience, knowledge and commitment for free with those associations wanting to move forward in a more sustainable and successful manner.

Mark’s next aim is to develop this further and to spread both the PMI and the IPMA knowledge and competency to many more organisations worldwide, having already started with successful deliveries in Europe, Africa, Asia and North America using his unique ‘Applied Learning’ approach to education.

Contact Mark Reeson at [email protected].