Leadership and Innovation in Project Management


By Ron Taylor 

Virginia, USA

When a project manager is replaced, realignments can occur quickly and can result in dramatic changes in corporate culture. A friend once worked on a project team in which the project manager was a gregarious fellow who exuded both confidence and compassion. Morale and innovation in the team were high and productivity even higher. People were considerate of each other, shared information and took pride in serving their work. Hundreds of people attended his retirement party.

His successor was the polar opposite. He kept to himself and was constantly on the lookout for plots and enemies. He was impatient, confrontational and deceptive. In a remarkably short time people began to follow his example. They became more guarded, more argumentative and less willing to work together. Predictably, morale and innovation deteriorated, along with individual productivity. Since this attitude was reflected in the way they treated the client, client complaints increased.

In the words of author and diarist Anais Nin: “We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are.” People will interpret what you say and do based on their own experience. However, it is your responsibility, and your privilege, to provide a foundation for individual and team success through your example.


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About the Author

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Virginia, USA

Ron Taylor is an internationally-known leader, lecturer, author, and consultant, and the principal and founder of the Ron Taylor Group.  Ron served as President and CEO of a 10,000-person organization (PMIWDC) and was named Leader of the Year by the 500,000-person Project Management Institute (PMI®).

Ron is an Adjunct Professor in the MBA Programs at both Virginia Tech and George Mason University.  He is represented by the Washington Speakers Bureau, and his latest book, Leadership: Stories, Lessons and Uncommon Sense is available on Amazon.  Ron can be reached at [email protected]

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