Leadership and Change!


By Britta Eremit

Bad Homburg, Germany










What’s Constantly ChangingWe are constantly invited to adjust the way we cope with change. Managers, leaders and their employees face the daily challenge of dealing with complexity of the job-requirements, expectations, cultural differences, communication styles and values.

What will Never Change People’s will to change and people’s fear of change! Both are essential and have a tremendous impact on our well-being and the preservation of our relationships. Change is an anxious-arousing business, both for the one implementing the change and for those impacted by the change, as Harriet Learner pointed out in her gem of book “The Dance of Fear”.(1)

It’s not only individuals who get anxious – systems (if more than one person is involved we talk about a system e.g. organizations, families, partnership, friendship) become anxious too. Organizational Consultant Jeffrey Miller wrote in his book The Anxious Organization: “… Anxiety is what organizations are made of and what makes them tick … and … Anxiety makes smart organizations do stupid things.”

We are constantly invited to stay open, to grow and to make progress. Change is an essential part in our life, it is indispensable. This can only happen if we are willing to look at things from a different perspective. As George Bernard Shaw pointed out:

“Progress is impossible without change and those who cannot change

their minds, cannot change anything!“ George Bernard Shaw

However, changing our minds and the way we deal with change can provoke unpleasant and harmful consequences. Based on our individual experiences we know that there is no guarantee that change will be automatically linked with pleasant feelings, luck or positive and successful outcomes. Quite the contrary! It is also linked with losing something or someone e.g. financial stability, the job, friends, beloved ones, physical and mental health, cherished beliefs etc. So, how can we find a way to deal constructively with our fear of change?

The Daily Challenges – Most of us are familiar with situations, where organizations decide to cut resources and leaders are ask to restructure the entire organization. Leaders have to find out “What are our best talents supporting us in building the “NEW” – the future?” Leaders have to adjust their own competencies, skills and character as well. Leaders have to align departments, staff and core competencies according to the constantly changing expectations of the organization and what if we, as leaders, are forced to adjust individual cherished beliefs and values as well?


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About the Author

Britta Eremit

BE Change & Company
Bad Homburg, Germany



Britta Eremit is principle of BE Change & Company and an Executive Trainer & Coach specialized on Change & Strengths – Change Management & Leadership Training & Workshops. BE Change & Company was formed out of the desire to provide CHANGE SOLUTIONS for Organizations, Leaders and Teams, to create sustainability in “Success & Efficiency” and “Engagement & Personal Fulfilment”. The concept focusses on the THREE C’s: CHANGE Competence – CHANGE Excellence – CHANGE Intelligently.

Britta is among the few in Europe who are authorized to provide Strengths Strategy-based training as Germany’s FIRST Strategic Strengths Certified Coach (Certified by Strengths Strategy Inc., USA). She is also Co-Founder of the Institute for Innovative Leadership, “The Change Team“, and founder of BEC2 Coaching & Consulting. More than 20 years hands on experience in different positions in international Financial- and Real Estate Organizations made her aware of that “CHANGE will always come!” and it was the central theme she was involved with permanently – CONTINUOUS CHANGE.

According to Britta: In my positions as leader, team-member and colleague I found out that we have to deal with extraordinary challenges – on business and personal level – in times of change. And additionally, that the key for building up – and still going ahead – with trustworthy relationships in organizations and in the interaction with clients during these times is within here – that dealing with constant CHANGE by creating sustainability and success becomes today’s Organizational Core-Competence. Beside that it is essential and inevitable to establish appreciative communication and a culture of trust. So as a result the core area of my training for the management, teams and leaders is focused on CHANGE – to support you to Co-Design CHANGE effectively and NAVIGATE your organization and people consciously through these times of CHANGE. I‘m deeply convinced that here within is the key for both – organizations & people – to be successful and perform at the best effectively. So I‘m here to support you to develop with you your ROAD-MAP of CHANGE (on Leadership Level & Organizational Level) and to accompany you while taking this journey!

Britta has 20+ Years in International Finance and Real Estate Sector Core area Controlling & Tax Department, Project Management, Client Management, Key Account Management, Head of RFP & Sales Support, Senior Manager Investor Relations & Marketing, Roll out and development of functional relationships between global and local RFP-Teams, strategic and operational issues.

She is additionally author of the specialist book “Individual Development – Growing by Transformation” which has been published from the publishing company Springer Verlag in 2016 in German language http://www.springer.com/de/book/9783658094522.

The English version will be published soon.

My USP – excellent ability to capture very quickly the essential aspects of different circumstances based on an analytical and strategic expertise; exceptional competence of active listening and building trust, connectivity and appreciative cooperation.

My Passion – to work with people with diverse cultural background, bringing teams together, support integration and living mutual appreciation.

TODAY’s CHALLENGES Companies, top executives and employees face the daily challenge of dealing with global change and demographic trends. We constantly have to adjust our skills and behaviors. This requires courage, the willingness to change and the development of new routines.

Britta Eremit / BE Change & Company / Louisenstrasse 89 / 61348 Bad Homburg v.d.H. / Germany / email: mailto:[email protected]/ LinkedIn / Tel.: +49 (0) 163 2016340