Book Title:    KNOWledge SUCCESSion: Sustained Performance & Capability Growth Through Strategic Knowledge Projects
Author:  Dr. Arthur Shelley
Publisher:  Business Expert Press
List Price:   $34.95              Format:  Soft cover
Publication Date:   2017       ISBN: 978-1-63157-158-9
Reviewer:     Diana Romagnoli
Review Date:   September 2017



This book is an excellent mix of business and academic writing “making sense of project barriers and paths toward multidisciplinary concepts.  This approach provides solutions in a portfolio of strategic endeavors and projects.

The author, Arthur Shelley, provides tried practical recommendations on leading teams to sustained strategic success.  The subject matter is vital!  The Knowledge Succession in our business environment is a subject that should not be minimized or overlooked as “taking care of itself.”  This book gives it the priority it deserves.

Overview of Book’s Structure

With twelve chapters and 200 pages, this book begins with practical business acumen for the seasoned professional.  The last few chapters hit the subjects of communication and professional relationships – key to every leader!

The chapters begin with an Executive Summary providing a snapshot of the points covered in the body of the chapter subject and then wrap up with a case which is very effective.  I enjoyed that the case was pulled from experience with organizations across the globe.


The highlights of this book were the business and academic language is uses and has mastered beautifully.  On one hand he is giving us the business aspects of an issue or challenge and on the other hand he is teaching us the best practices to provide a solution or solutions.  He does this throughout the book.  He actually mentions and discusses the methods of writing in his communication chapter (Chapter 9), an excellent chapter.


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About the Reviewer

Diana Romagnoli

Texas, USA


Diana Romagnoli
, MBA, PMP has 30 years’ experience in the health care industry.  Diana lives in Texas and works nationwide for a large enterprise health system based in Nashville, Tennessee, USA.


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