January 2019 PM Update from Spain

Interview with Elisabeth Matt and Ana Briseño, PMI Madrid Chapter Volunteer Leaders



By Alfonso Bucero

International Correspondent

Madrid, Spain



PMI Madrid Chapter – the importance of volunteering

At the end of the month of November took place the PMI Madrid Chapter’s annual Conference, which also celebrated its 15th anniversary of existence. The most important for me, as a project management practitioner and volunteer over the years, was the recognition for the PMI Madrid Spain Chapter volunteers.

This year’s event was something special, because the Organization and presentation was run by volunteers who are let see, and therefore we want to bring to this space Elisabeth Matt and Ana Briseño, who were responsible for several weeks of the planning and control of all matters relating to the Congress.

Susana (S) Welcome

Elisabeth (E) Hi all,

Ana (A) Hello Susana, a salute to all those who read this interview

S We’d like to know a bit more about you professionally?

E I am a lawyer’s training and work of office manager at a telecommunications company, whose main objective is the submarine optical fiber and now we are starting with the ground-laying.

Too I am Director of consulting and projects, and work as a consultant, implementing and providing coaching in practice mainly focusing in the area of project management and PMOs; I also give training on the different processes of PMBOK, for certification PMP and soft skills for the PMs.

S Elisabeth you’re a lawyer, but are you certified or have specific training in Project Management? Increasingly also in less technical careers such as law seeks to acquire knowledge of project management, but until now it was less common.

E At the moment I am not certified but I have it on my to-do list. A couple of years ago I was standing work, and wanted to return to study, to learn new things and read about project management and their areas of reach. I did a master’s degree in Project Management, I signed the VRMS (Virtual Relationship Management system) from PMI to continue to learn and am now a mentor to launch me to fly alone. Project Management is also revolutionizing the world of law and is a train that we cannot pass.

Ana, you are working on training services. Would you say that currently is there a growing interest in learning and developing soft skills?

A yes, there is a lot of interest, and it has been growing up, mainly to adopt agile methodologies, where I think these skills are more relevant. Not because they are not necessary for the traditional ones, but there is more interaction working with self-managed teams. I think that this type of skills is not only necessary for the PM but for all team members.

S Did you have participated previously at any PMI Congress, or at any other Association as volunteers?

E it is the first time I have worked as a PMI volunteer but I’m sure it will not be the last one.

A yes, I had participated previously at other events as a volunteer, either for professional and personal interests.

S Why to be a PMI volunteer? Was there any particular reason that would push you to make that decision?


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Alfonso Bucero

Madrid, Spain



Alfonso Bucero
, MSc, CPS, PMP, PMI-RMP, PfMP, PMI Fellow, is an International Correspondent and Contributing Editor for the PM World Journal in Madrid, Spain. Mr. Bucero is also founder and Managing Partner of BUCERO PM Consulting.  Alfonso was the founder, sponsor and president of the PMI Barcelona Chapter until April 2005, and belongs to PMI’s LIAG (Leadership Institute Advisory Group).  He was the past President of the PMI Madrid Spain Chapter, and then nominated as a PMI EMEA Region 8 Component Mentor. Now he is a member of the PMIEF Engagement Committee. Alfonso has a Computer Science Engineering degree from Universidad Politécnica in Madrid and is studying for his Ph.D. in Project Management. He has 32 years of practical experience and is actively engaged in advancing the PM profession in Spain and throughout Europe. He received the PMI Distinguished Contribution Award on October 9th, 2010, the PMI Fellow Award on October 22nd 2011 and the PMI Eric Jenett Excellence Award on October 28th, 2017.

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