Islamic Values and Management Practices (Quality and Transformation in the Arab World)


Book Title: Islamic Values and Management Practices (Quality and Transformation in the Arab World)

Author:  Maqbouleh M. Hammoudeh
Publisher:  Gower Publishing Ltd
List Price: US$114.95
Publication Date: 2012
ISBN: 978-1-4094-0752-2

Reviewer: Rukhman Ijaz Malik

Review Date: May 2012

Introduction to the Book

The central theme of this book revolves around the application of Islamic management model rather than the western one in achieving organizational objectives in quality and transformation both at local and global levels.

The author argues that the proposed Islamic management approach originating from Prophet Mohammad and later on developed by Dr. Assaf’s and her in the form of so called “Islamic Theory”(I-Theory) in management is based on total justice and management by values and culture can address the issues of quality and transformation in much more effective manner than using existing management practices.

Overview of Book’s Structure

The entire book is divided into five parts. It starts with the description of the two basic questions the author wants to address are “how to develop a management theory based on Islamic values that will lead to greater quality and transformation in Arab organizations?” and the “specific role of I-Theory in supporting the development of local identity towards global integrity”. Part 1 also contains the back ground information about the Author’s life journey and her work experience as management consultant.

In part 2, Maqbouleh M. Hammoudeh explains the reasons for using the co-operative inquiry methodology developed by John Heron and how it helps her in achieving the main objectives described in this book. Part 3 contains six chapters focusing on quality of life from an Islamic perspective of “Itqan” (perfection). It also includes a comparison between Islamic theory in management and Western & Japanese theories.

Part 4 presents the two case studies of “The Royal Society of the conservation of Nature (RSCN)” and “Al-Quds Paints Co”. Finally part 5 contains author’s conclusions.


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About the Reviewer

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