IPMA Young Crew summarizes 2012


by Natalia Majcher

IPMA Young Crew Management Board 

Warsaw, Poland

While we are all moving forward, it’s good now and then to look back and reflect what we’ve achieved. IPMA Young Crew looked back at 2012 and as expected it turned out, it has been a very busy year for the YC community! Many events on national and international level, a lot of people involved and much more participating. Workshops, conferences, papers, articles, team building events – to name some of the activities prepared by YC members.


Picture 1 A lot of excitement felt Young Crew members in 2012. They had plenty of reasons for it – details in the summary below. Photo by Les Squires.

General summary of Young Crew in 2012

The IPMA Young Crew community is huge, gathering young professionals from all over the world. It’s growing each year – not only in the number of members or countries, but is also more and more mature. How much more mature – that’s the question, that the Young Crew Management Board asked themselves and developed a new Maturity Model. This model is based on a scoring system, inspired by the Kano model, which assesses the strategic value of each item the question relates to. In July 2012 14 countries, called “established Young Crews”, were monitored. The outcome is overwhelming:

  • Around 1850 members
  • Around 180 active members
  • Around 3500 contacts
  • Around 300 IPMA certified YC members
  • 25 company case study available
  • 35 papers about YC published by local universities
  • 92 workshop/seminar organized
  •  Around 2400 participants in all the events

The figures can’t possibly express what the community is achieving and how many professional relationships it has built or what changes it brought to the PM world. While Young Crew is growing in terms of number of members and countries, it is also shaping the style of how projects are lead nowadays. And with more countries on board, more collaboration among them, it’s ready to make changes happen more than ever. Whereas in 2012 there were 14 established Young Crews, 18 are being formed and in the line to be established. Even more if we count those, who are starting the process of announcing a “New Young Crew”. All those countries and people behind are eager to work on projects, be better at it and help others be better.

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About the Author

natalia majcherflag-polandNatalia Majcher 

Natalia Majcher is a member of IPMA Young Crew. She graduated from Gdansk University of Technology as MEng in Management. Currently she is working in an IT consulting company in CRM implementation projects. As a member of Young Crew Poland Natalia is part of various projects on national and international level, both as a team member (GeCCo, Global Young Crew Workshop), initiator and a project manager (e-Meetings). Questions and feedback are highly welcome via [email protected]

About IPMA Young Crew

IPMA Young Crew is a key component of IPMA’s growth and development of the leaders of tomorrow. We are an active network of young professional project managers and students aged 25 to 35 who believe in community and the building of a worldwide young professional project management family. With over 20 member countries, IPMA Young Crew strives to provide experiential learning through interaction and information exchange with young project managers.  More information at http://ipma.ch/young-crew/.