IPMA recognizes Project Excellence at the 26th IPMA World Congress


by Jouko Vaskimo

Greece and Finland

International Project Management Association (IPMA) recognized project excellence, and awarded IPMA Project Excellence Awards at the 26th IPMA World Congress at Crete, Greece. IPMA project excellence awards are organized into three categories to appropriately recognize Project Excellence in Medium-Sized Projects, Project Excellence in Big-Sized Projects, and Project Excellence in Mega-Sized Projects. The IPMA Project Excellence awards are highly respected by the global project community. The awards were presented to the finalists in the 26th IPMA World Congress Gala Awards Dinner by Mrs Mary Koutintcheva, Chairman of the Award Management Board, Ms Ewa Bednarczyk, Award Office Manager, Professor Nino Grau, IPMA Vice President, Awards and Standards, Mr Roberto Mori, IPMA President, and Mrs. Brigitte Schaden, Chairman of IPMA Council of Delegates.

The members of the 2012 IPMA Project Excellence Award jury were Mrs Constanta Bodea, Mrs Mary McKinlay, Mr Reinhard Wagner and Mr Frank Menter. Mr Pierfrancesco Sagramoso served as the Chairman of the jury. The criteria for categorizing the entrants comprised project duration, project phases completed, project deployment (in months after project completion), project budget, number of people involved in the project, number of external subcontractors and independent organizations involved in the project, and multicultural characteristics of the project. One of the main considerations for project categorization was project budget: For Medium-Sized Projects category there is no budgetary limit; for Big-Sized Projects category the minimum project budget is 5 000 000 €, and for the Mega-Sized Projects category the minimum project budget is 100 000 000 €.

Dr Grau (pictured) was very pleased with the level of excellence of the 2012 entrants and commented “’Only bad news is good news’ is the motto I always think about, when I read about research done about projects that fail (not in time and in budget or poor performance). I wish to read more about excellent projects, about people who manage excellent projects and about organizations who give their project managers the chance to be excellent. Of course, that means that these organizations have the senior management with competency to bring excellent people together and empower them. IPMA will honor all these people who make excellent projects possible, but how can we know whether our projects are excellent? IPMA supports the global project management community with a unique benchmarking tool. The IPMA Project Excellence Model allows assessment even of very different projects.

This model and the mature assessment process are the basis for the assessment of projects for the IPMA International Project Excellence Award. Experienced assessors have been using this method successfully for years. In a tough process of competition, excellent projects from all over the world have been chosen to be awarded during the 26th IPMA World congress in Greece. Now we are happy to be able to present these projects to the global project manager community and encourage project managers to follow these exemplary achievements. We congratulate project teams who have not only shown an outstanding performance but are also willing to share their experience with the project manager family for the advancement of the field of project management and the benefit of all interested parties.” Dr Grau can be contacted at [email protected] . (photo courtesy IPMA)


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About the Author

Jouko Vaskimo


Jouko Vaskimo works as Development Manager at Aalto PRO, the Professional Development unit of Aalto University in Espoo, Finland. He is also an International Correspondent and Editorial Advisor for PM World in Finland. Jouko graduated from Helsinki University of Technology in 1992. Since then he has held project management related assignments with increasing levels for responsibility at Sinebrychoff Ltd, the oldest brewery in Scandinavia; Kemira Engineering Ltd, the leading chemicals manufacturer Finland; DNA Finland Ltd, a large Finnish mobile phone operator; Nokia Business Infrastructure; and Ixonos PLC, one of the leading Finnish ICT consultancies. Jouko holds the IPMA Level C (Project Manager) and Level B (Senior Project Manager) certificates and is the chairman of the Finnish IPMA Certification Body operating IPMA certification in Finland. He is a member of the Project Management Association Finland Board of Directors and a founding member of PMI Finland Chapter. He received the PMP certificate in 2003. Since October 2007, Jouko has been heading the Finnish delegation to ISO/PC 236 and ISO/TC 258. Jouko resides in Espoo, Finland and can be best contacted at jouko.vaskimo“at”aalto.fi .