IPMA recognizes Dr. Rodney Turner as Honourary Fellow at the 26th IPMA World Congress

6 November 2012 – International Project Management Association (IPMA) recognizes, as IPMA Honourary Fellows, those persons who over a period of many years render exceptional service for IPMA and/or to the practice and theory of Project Management. Candidates for honourary fellowship are nominated by IPMA Member Associations, evaluated and recommended by the IPMA Executive Board, and elected by the Council of Delegates.

During the IPMA World Congress Gala Awards on 30 October 2012, the selection of Professor Rodney Turner as an IPMA Honourary Fellow was announced by IPMA President Roberto Mori in recognition of Professor Turner’s contribution to IPMA and our profession over many years.

IPMA President Roberto Mori, left, announces the award to Professor Turner, right.

 A summary of achievements

Professor Turner is well-known as the executive editor of the International Journal of Project Management. Having served as IPMA President 1999 – 2000 and Chairman of the IPMA Council of Delegates 2001 – 2002, Professor Turner continues to serve IPMA and the profession of project management. He has also held numerous positions through which he has contributed to the further development of project management nationally as well as internationally. Professor Turner is Vice President, Honorary Fellow and former chairman of the UK Association for Project Management (APM).

Professor Turner was nominated by APM, who followed a stringent set of IPMA criteria in making a complete and exemplary nomination. Highlights of Professor Turner’s cited contributions include the following.

Activity as researcher and author

Professor Turner’s extensive research has a particularly strong recent focus on leadership styles appropriate to project management. Rodney Turner is the author or editor of some fifteen books, including The Handbook of Project-based Management, the best selling book published by McGraw-Hill, and the Gower Handbook of Project Management. He has written many articles for journals and conferences, including IPMA Congresses.

His magazine contributions include Project Management Today which has recently benefited from an extended series of introductory articles to the profession, for example. He lectures on and teaches project management worldwide, from China to Canada, from Australia to Austria. He serves as International Editorial Advisor for PM World Journal

International contributions

From 1999 to 2002, Professor Turner was President and then Chairman of the International Project Management Association (IPMA), the global federation of national associations in project management, of which APM remains the largest member. He has helped to establish the Benelux Region of the European Construction Institute as foundation Operations Director. He was amongst the early project managers who recognized the emerging potential of the Chinese economy, and has lectured extensively in China, as well as published in that market.

Contribution to the profession

It is perhaps Professor Turner’s Editorship since May 1993 of the International Journal of Project Management (IJoPM), the leading academic research journal in the field, which best defines his contribution to the profession, both nationally and internationally. The publisher Elsevier is the world’s leading publisher of academic research journals, publishing some 40% of all those published.

It is highly appropriate that during 2009, IJoPM received a unique accolade by being admitted to the Thompson World of Science Social Science Citation Index (formerly known as ISI).

Up until that point, none of the now four research journals in project management had been in ISI-listed, which meant that academics in the field of project management had to publish their work elsewhere. Detractors in other academic disciplines could observe that no project management journals were in ISI. This could be used as a reason for saying that project management was not a proper academic discipline.

IJoPM’s admission into ISI now gives recognition of project management as a proper academic discipline and provides academics in the field of project management with an outlet for their research papers which will be recognized in the achievement of their annual performance objectives and their career progression. This is a defining moment for the profession, as it is universally recognized that a strong academic community is important to the development of project management as a profession, As Dr Young Hoon Kwak, Associate Professor of Project Management at The George Washington University’s School of Business put it: “This is one small step for IJoPM; one giant step for project management”. The achievement of admission into ISI was compounded in July 2012 by IJoPM’s Impact Factor being confirmed as 1.532, a highly creditable outcome.

A salute

The International Project Management Association salutes Honourary Fellow Professor Rodney Turner for his contributions to our profession, and to society.

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News Item with contributions by Jouko Vaskimo, Miles Shepherd and Stacy Goff

Photographs by Jouko Vaskimo

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