IPMA® Project Excellence Award Jury announces Award Finalists for 2012.


Reported by Ewa Bednarczyk in Kraków

In 2012 for the 10th consecutive year the Award Jury has gone through the well-established IPMA® Award process and has selected 10 Project Finalists in the three categories – Medium-, Big- and Mega-sized projects. The outstanding performance of these excellent teams has been assessed thoroughly during Site visits, with the recommendations of the assessment teams have been used as a basis for the Jury discussions and decisions. Other important Jury assessment criteria have been customer, society and economy impact, use of Project Excellence Model, relationship between objectives and results, complexity and innovation.

The Award Jury identified Award Finalists, Prize Winners and Award Winners, and strives to reward the best projects that have achieved project excellence and top performance.  At this stage only the list of finalists is announced. No further results from the Jury decision may be released until the IPMA® Award Gala which in 2012 will take place on 30 October at the 26th IPMA® World Congress in Crete.

The following projects in all categories reached the status of Finalists:

“Two new countries submitted a project application for the first time this year: Nepal and Indonesia. We are very happy that the philosophy of project excellence spreads across Asian countries” said Mary Koutintcheva, Chairman of the Award Management Board at the IPMA Council of Delegates meeting that took place recently in Baku. “Those countries will also play an important role in a new award categories pilot program which will be introduced next year.”

“New awards will be run under the name: IPMA® Achievements Award and consist of three categories: Community Service / Development Project, Internationally Funded Humanitarian Aid Project, Project Manager of the Year,” she added.

The 2012 IPMA Project Excellence Award Jury Members are:

Mr. Pierfrancesco Sagramoso – Chairman of the Jury

Mrs. Constanta Bodea, Romania

Mrs. Mary McKinlay, United Kingdom

Mr. Frank Menter, Germany

Mr. Reinhard Wagner, Germany

The 2nd Jury meeting was moderated by Mrs. Mary Koutintcheva – Chairman of the IPMA Award Management Board.

For more information please visit: www.ipma.ch/awards or contact the IPMA Award Office Manager Ms. Ewa Bednarczyk at  [email protected].

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