IPMA Global Young Crew Workshop to be held in Greece prior to 26th IPMA World Congress

By Saad Hegazy from Dubai

Each year IPMA Young Crew organizes its global workshop (GYCW), the biggest IPMA Young Crew event; the Workshop will be held this year in Crete, Greece, and has the motto “Don’t Panic!”

Over 100 participants from Young Crews all around the world are going to take a part for three days; the event will offer the opportunity to network, exchange experiences and to get to know the Young Crew on an international level.

On Friday the 26.10.2012 the Global Young Crew Workshop will open its gates for registration at 1pm, followed by two parallel workshop sessions. During these sessions guidance and new tools for emerging as well as established communities of project managers will be presented.

On Saturday and Sunday keynotes and workshops will be covering a variety of project management topics in the frame of “Don’t Panic”. There will be a workshop that will teach attendees how to improvise and react correctly in difficult situations based on improvisation theater techniques. Another will show how panicking is the wrong answer when a project manager has to deal with his team when requirements as well as project environments change fast and time is not on his side, participants will also discover which project management methodologies have advantages over, in order to bring back structure to a project and calm the team as well as the stakeholders.

IPMA Young Crew Global Workshop Australia 2011 (Photo Credit to Les Squires)

Those who are already familiar with the concept of the GYCW know that the perfect mix of having fun and enjoying working in an international young group together with learning and applying new techniques characterizes our workshops.

IPMA Young Crew Global Workshop Turkey 2010 (Photo Credit to Les Squires)

Although the inspiring workshops could be the only reason one would need to attend, these are not the only activities prepared for participants, one of the strong goals of Global YC Workshops is to engage the international community of young project managers to build strong relations among the global project management community that is Young Crew. The participants will have a lot of opportunities for networking throughout the workshop. A good starting point is the workshop and the welcome reception in the evening of the first day. The greatest opportunity for networking though is the Saturday night Gala Dinner, which is the highlight of the GYCW weekend.

Past years’ workshops have shown that this event is an ideal facilitator for new projects ideas and undertakings. An excellent example is the Global e-Collaboration Competition (GeCCo), which was created during the GYCW in Istanbul, or Coaching for Development (C4D) which was created by Young Crew members after the GYCW in Helsinki. Each year participants are coming back from the Workshop with a lot of energy and motivation to their local Young Crews – or even establish new Young Crews!

As is the IPMA World Congress, the Global Young Crew Workshop is also organized each year in a different country, letting the participants explore new environments and cultures. This year it will be Greece and as usual, Young Crew is organizing a special offer for its members.

The official Young Crew hotel for the event will be the Golden Beach Hotel www.goldenhotels.gr/en/golden-beach/hotel-overview. Participants are asked to register via reservations@hotels2plan.com and mention the Global Young Crew Workshop to get the special price.

To register for the Workshop please follow the steps at www.ipma2012.gr/reg/regform.html. The registration for GYCW includes the participation at the IPMA World Congress.
Find further and up-to-date information on the Workshop’s Facebook page: www.facebook.com/gycw2012


The IPMA Young Crew international was formed more than 10 years ago by Daniel Scheifele to prepare the next generation project managers for key positions in the industry and in IPMA. The Young Crew has gone from strength to strength with its distinctive approach to learning and development, coupled with establishing professional networks among young project managers. Successful workshops have been held in Berlin, Budapest, Delhi, Shanghai, Krakow, Rome, Helsinki and Istanbul.


IPMA Young Crew is strengthening its offerings by engaging more members in YC initiatives; for example the reporter Saad Hegazy (Egypt) head of Egyptian Young Crew is actively engaged in public relations and reporting. The combined result: The best Young Crew collection of programs yet!


For more information about IPMA Young Crew, visit www.ipma.ch/young-crew/.


Founded in 1965 and registered in Switzerland, the International Project Management Association (IPMA) was the world’s first project management professional organization. IPMA is an international federation of more than 50 national PM societies in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and the Americas.


IPMA offers an International Competence Baseline standard, a four-level project manager certification, expert seminars and global knowledge. IPMA’s annual world congress is one of the most important meetings of the world’s project management experts and leaders each year. The president of IPMA for 2012 is Mr. Roberto Mori. Additional information about IPMA is available at www.ipma.ch