IPMA Festival of Knowledge in Slovenia (IPMA FOCUS)


Ljubljana, 10-12.9.2012

By Prof. Dr. Brane Semolic

IPMA RMB Chairman


The 1st Annual Project Management Consulting Forum and IPMA Festival of Knowledge, with the theme “Knowledge Market & New Business Models”, was held in Ljubljana, Slovenia during 10-12 October 2012.  Venue was the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia at Dimičeva 13, Ljubljana, Slovenia.  The main Organizer of the event was CCIS – Chamber of Business Services of Slovenia.  Co-organizers included AMCOS – Association of Management Consulting of Slovenia; IPMA – International Project Management Association – Research Management Board; ICEC – International Council of Cost Engineering Council; and ZPM – Project Management Association of Slovenia, Council of Experts.

IPMA FOCUS with the Working Title:

“Knowledge Market and New Business Models”

Personal and organizational excellence is the key element for business success in a modern knowledge-based business environment. In contemporary business environment organizations their competitiveness is kept not only by focusing on their key competences and optimizing their own resources, but also by regional and global outsourcing and development of authentic, network-based business models. The key elements of dynamic, innovative business models are an envision of global industrial and business trends, identification of areas of business interests and performance, decisions about specialization and sourcing, allocation of outsourcing needs, development of authentic organizational support and a good leadership.

The event was highly successful. This report is to share some results.


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About the Author

Prof. Brane Semolic, PhD

Head of LENS Living Lab- International living laboratory,
Celje, Slovenia
Professor, University of Maribor

Brane Semolic, PhD, is currently head of LENS Living Lab – international R&D living laboratory and professor at the University of Maribor in Maribor, Slovenia and Cranefield College, Johannesburg.   He is President of the Experts Council of Project Management Association of Slovenia (ZPM), and Chairman of the IPMA (International Project Management Association) Research Management Board.  He is also a member of the EU Enterprise Policy Group – Professional Chamber and Issue Manager of the SIG (Special Interest Group) Project Management in EU program NETLIPSE (Knowledge Management of Large Infrastructure Projects).  Brane Semolic has a BSc in Mechanical Engineering (technology), and a BSc, M.Sc.and Ph.D.in Economics and Business Administration (project management and informatics) from the University of Maribor.  Professor Semolic has 35 years of working experience as an expert, researcher, consultant, manager and project manager in industry and for the Slovene government.  He spent four year as Counselor to the Ministry of Science and Technology, Republic of Slovenia (1990 – 1994) and has been a member of the International Association for Project Management (IPMA) since 1982.  He was previously a Professor at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of  Electronics and Computer Sciences, Faculty of Civil Engineering, and Faculty of Logistics (University of Maribor); Dean of GEA College (Global Entrepreneurship Academy) in Ljubljana;  Lecturer in the “European Project Manager” postgraduate education program (joint program with University of Bremen); Co-founder of  the EU education program  “European Master in Project Management”; IPMA Vice president (international events and R&D); President of the Slovenian Project management Association (ZPM); First IPMA foreign assessor in the PM Certification Program in Serbia and Montenegro; Project manager of the 14th  IPMA (International Project Management Association) world congress in 1998; and President of scientific committee of 1st joint ICEC & IPMA Global Congress on Project Management and Cost Engineering in 2006.  He has published more than 400 works on project management and other topics.  He was awarded as ICEC (International Cost Engineering Council) Distinguished International Fellow in 2008.  Professor Semolic can be contacted at [email protected].   Additional information about the LENS Living Lab can be found at http://www.3-lab.eu/ .