IPMA Education and Training Series: Collaboration between IPMA National Associations and Academic Organizations


By Ed Naughton and John Vickery

Dublin, Ireland

This paper presents a case study of the collaboration between an IPMA® member association and domestic academic institutions. The specific collaboration models have proved to be particularly successful. The Institute of Project Management in Ireland is the IPMA® member association with responsibility for the administration of the IPMA® 4 level certification system.

Approximately 3,500 IPMA® Certified Professionals are currently registered in Ireland and the numbers continue to grow strongly each year.

Since 1993 the Institute has worked closely with the Department of Management and Marketing University College Cork (UCC). They combine the proven project management pragmatism and international reputation of the Institute with the academic expertise of the Department of Management and Marketing UCC. UCC awarded an honorary master’s degree in 2011 to the Institute’s Director General Mr. Ed Naughton in recognition for his contribution to project management development.

In 2014 the Institute also entered into a significant collaboration agreement with the Institute of Technology Tallaght (ITT) – the sole higher education institution in South Dublin County with approximately 5000 students which provides programmes from Level 6 to Level 10 on the National Framework of Qualifications. This article concentrates on this recent agreement.

The authors recognise that this model will not necessarily be suitable to all project management professional bodies/member associations that operate within their own unique contexts. However, they also believe that much can be gained from a closer scrutiny of the lessons learnt in this case.

A key component of ITT’s strategy is that it must continue to engage and strengthen its partnerships with other higher education institutions nationally and internationally and must develop inter-institutional strategic alliances to deliver on its mission and to ensure that it remains a key provider of relevant higher education to the region. To this extent, it has collaborative agreements nationally, with universities in the EU, Brazil, Vietnam and China. ITT acknowledges the important role that academic collaboration has in achieving aspects of its mission that relates to serving its communities, promoting lifelong learning and being an outward looking institution. It is a key aspect of its academic strategy and recognises the benefits of collaborations, both to the institute and to its students.


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Editor’s note: This series of articles is by members of the IPMA Education and Training (E&T) Board or other IPMA leaders on the subject of project management education, training, careers and related topics. More information about the IPMA E&T can be found at http://ipma.ch/education.

About the Authors

pmwj30-Jan2015-Naughton-AUTHOR1 VICKERYJohn Vickery flag-ireland

Institute of Technology Tallaght

Dublin County, Ireland

John Vickery is a Fellow of The Institution of Mechanical Engineers (UK) and also a Fellow of The Institution of Engineers of Ireland. He was formerly Head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, and is now Registrar at the Institute of Technology Tallaght. He has extensive experience in quality systems and project management and has managed a number of EU funded projects. He has over 10 year’s industrial experience in the areas of manufacturing, quality, maintenance and management and is currently a member of the IPMA® Education and Training Board.

pmwj17-dec2013-naughton-AUTHOR IMAGEEd Naughton flag-ireland

Institute of Project Management

Dublin, Ireland

Ed Naughton, BE, C. Eng., F.I.E.I, FIPMA, IPMA-a, PMP, is the founder and Director General of the Institute of Project Management of Ireland, the leading authority on the PM profession in Ireland. On the international front, Ed was responsible for initiating cooperation agreements with both the PMI (Project Management Institute) USA and the IPMA (International Project Management Association). He is Ireland’s representative on the IPMA council of delegates, and a former Vice President-Marketing for the IPMA. He was also the first PMP registered in Ireland. Ed has researched, published and presented many articles and papers on project management and is the author of the Irish Project Management Competence Baseline. During his thirty year career, Ed has worked as a project manager and/or project management consultant on a large variety of high profile domestic and international assignments. Ed Naughton is a graduate of University College Dublin (BE, civil), a Fellow of the Institute of Engineers of Ireland, a Chartered Engineer (Ireland), a Professional Engineer in Canada, and holds an IPMA Level A certification. He is former founder and editor of the quarterly international publication “Project Management Practice”. One of Ireland’s most respected experts on the topic of modern project management, Ed is an executive advisor to PM World in Ireland. Ed Naughton was named a Fellow of IPMA in 2013. Ed lives in Dublin and can be contacted at [email protected].