IPMA Education & Training Board’s Series for the PMWJ: Best Education & Training Paper Presentations at the 27th IPMA World Congress


Prof John-Paris Pantouvakis

Chair, IPMA Education and Training Board



Dr. Jesús Martínez Almela  

IPMA Vice President, Education & Training


The 27th IPMA world Congress took place in Dubrovnik, Croatia in October, 2013. The Education and Training Streams attracted a total of seventeen papers from fourteen different nations. Two papers in particular, one from Croatia and one from Iceland, were selected by the E&T board for acknowledgement as the Best Education and Training Papers.  A précis of each submission is presented below.

If you require further information on any of the papers presented at the E&T streams please contact: Chair IPMA Education & Training Board http://www.ipma.ch/education

The Project Manager as a Clown: Using “Clown Technique” to Train Future Project Leaders 

Author: Tinna Lind Gunnarsdottir (Iceland)

The “clown” is a classical character within the world of theatre and circus as well as in TV and films. Common perception of the clown is someone who tries to be funny or acts silly.

In the world of project management the linkage with the clown is not well established and might, for the reason mentioned, come across as bizarre. Interestingly a particular “clown technique” has been developed that derived from the search for sincerity and authenticity in the theatre, called “L’essentiel”. There is, as following investigation shows, a very interesting link between this technique and professional project leadership.

The research question was: Can the “clown technique” be used to enhance leadership skills of project managers? And, if so, for what can it be used? This question was studied by inviting the Paris based “clown master” Rafael Bianciotto to train professional project managers for a total of 9 hours in this method.

The experiment took place in Reykjavik City Theatre over three days – three hours each day. The participants were a group of 13 project managers, most of which were IPMA certified professional project managers with a Master of Project Management (MPM) degree.


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Editor’s note: This is the 5th in a series of articles provided by the IPMA Education and Training (E&T) Board on the subject of project management education, training, careers and related topics.  More information about the IPMA E&T can be found at http://ipma.ch/education. 

About the Authors

flag-greecejohn-paris-pantouvakisJohn-Paris Pantouvakis


John-Paris Pantouvakis, M.Eng., M.Sc., PhD, C.Eng; following a ten year career in industry moved to Academia and is now an Associate Professor and the Director of the Centre for Construction Innovation at the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). John-Paris is also an Adjunct Lecturer and a Postgraduate Module Coordinator at the Hellenic Open University. He is the President of PM-Greece, the Greek IPMA Member, the Chair of the IPMA Education & Training Board, a First Assessor for IPMA Certification in Greece and an IPMA Project Excellence Awards Assessor. He also serves as a Member of the Editorial Board of several Journals and as an International Editorial Advisor for the PMWorld Journal. He has organized several project management events in Greece including chairing the recent 26th IPMA World Congress (2012). More information is available at his personal website (http://users.ntua.gr/jpp/jpp_en.htm). 

flag-spainjesus-martinez-almelaDr. Jesús Martínez Almela


Jesús Martínez-Almela, PhD is IPMA Vice President for Education, Training & Young Crew.  He is a Professional Engineer (Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering), Certified Projects Director (IPMA-A), and the Principal of Bioagroprojects Biotech based in Spain.  He is very active for many years in Latin America, as visiting professor, lecturer and researcher at the Politechnical Universities of Valencia, Madrid, Barcelona, Murcia and Valladolid in Spain, and in a few countries in North, Central and South America. He was member of the IPMA EU Task Force in Brussels, former member of IPMA’s Education & Training (E&T) board, Certification Validation Management Board (CVMB) Validator, and Training Aid Programme – Latin America Caribbean Countries (TAP-LACC) Director.  He is Foreign First Assessor and IPMA Delta Assessor. He is also the 1st VP of AEIPRO and OCDP Chairman as well (The Spanish IPMA MA and CB).  Jesús can be contacted at [email protected].