IPMA Education & Training Board’s Series for the PMWJ: Project Management Education & Training – an Irish Perspective


By Ed Naughton

IPMA Education & Training Board Member

Dublin, Ireland

During the last two decades we have witnessed an explosive growth in the interest and application of project management in Ireland. It has been challenging and interesting to participate in this advancement.

From modest beginnings, academic courses, professional training and accreditation programmes have blossomed as practitioners seek to enhance their knowledge, skills and competencies.

This year will represent a major milestone as in excess of 3,000 individuals will have acquired professional accreditation, in the acclaimed IPMA (International Project Management Association) 4 level certification system.

Many of these individuals have become ardent ambassadors for and promoters of the benefits of project management within their work environment. As they climb the corporate ladder, their influence on the application and development of the discipline will contribute to its future health.

There is an ever increasing awareness within organisations that the best utilization of finite and limited resources is through the application of effective project management under the stewardship of competent project managers.

Scanning the landscape

A clear understanding of the state and evolution of education, training, certification and professional practice are particularly important to the future development of the field of project management. Directly observing what practitioners do, how they put in action their knowledge and competencies are a means to understand their practice.

  • Project Management in Ireland – Survey of Practitioners

For the past eight years, the Institute of Project Management and UCC (University College Cork – Ireland’s third largest university) conduct a joint survey across five geographic regions thereby providing a good national perspective.

The results provide insights into the present state of the discipline; identify possible future development areas while at the same time providing guidance to educationalists, practitioners and organisations.  The following tables offer a glimpse of the latest results of our 2012 survey. In this article we concentrate on two interesting topics addressed in the survey:

  • The profile of people seeking to up-skill
  • Career opportunities in project management

Background Profile

The results show that the typical profile of those seeking to up-skill by acquiring an internationally recognised professional accreditation such as that offered by IPMA is:


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Editor’s note: This is the 4th in a series of articles provided by the IPMA Education and Training (E&T) Board on the subject of project management education, training, careers and related topics.  More information about the IPMA E&T can be found at http://ipma.ch/education.

About the Author

ed-naughtonflag-irelandED NAUGHTON

Institute of Project Management

Dublin, Ireland

Ed Naughton, BE, C. Eng., F.I.E.I, IPMA-a, PMP, is the founder and current Director General of the Institute of Project Management of Ireland, the leading authority on the PM profession in Ireland.  On the international front, Ed was responsible for initiating cooperation agreements with both the PMI (Project Management Institute) USA and the IPMA (International Project Management Association). He is Ireland’s representative on the IPMA council of delegates, and a former Vice President-Marketing for the IPMA. He was also the first PMP registered in Ireland.  Ed has researched, published and presented many articles and papers on project management and is the author of the Irish Project Management Competence Baseline. During his thirty year career, Ed has worked as a project manager and/or project management consultant on a large variety of high profile domestic and international assignments. Ed Naughton is a graduate of University College Dublin (BE, civil), a Fellow of the Institute of Engineers of Ireland, a Chartered Engineer (Ireland), a Professional Engineer in Canada, and holds an IPMA Level A certification.  He is former founder and editor of the quarterly international publication “Project Management Practice”. One of Ireland’s most respected experts on the topic of modern project management, Ed is an executive advisor to PM World in Ireland.  Ed Naughton lives in Dublin and can be contacted at [email protected].