IPMA Education & Training Board Series: Projekt Management Austria: Promotion of young talents starts at school


By Brigitte Schaden 

Vienna, Austria

Within the last few years professional project management became more and more important all over the world. Project management organisations such as Project Management Austria (pma) see an increasing demand for professional project managers in various sectors.

According to a pma estimate, approximately one million people work in projects in Austria, among them 20.000 lead projects. And around 12.000 people are pma/IPMA® certified project managers.

The promotion of young talents is an important task of pma.  They are our future! Our industry needs high qualified young project managers. Therefore we support them – directly from the start – in three different ways: First, we cooperate with schools, universities and universities of applied sciences. Second, we grant the yearly pma junior award. And third, we have established our own platform for young project managers, called “pma young crew“.

What is it all about?

1.        Cooperation with schools, universities and universities of applied sciences 

Project Management Austria supports a lot of schools and universities and almost all universities of applied sciences in Austria. The organisation provides information and teaching materials for tutors and arranges certification assessments locally. From time to time pma/IPMA® certified project managers visit schools or events and report to the pupils and students on their experiences in the project management business. pma also supports students with their seminar papers and diploma theses.

New: [email protected]

A new project to promote young talents is [email protected], a platform on the internet to support project management lessons in schools. Schools can use this program to train project management skills of their pupils and students. The pupils and students have the possibility to check their knowledge.

The Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, the Arts and Culture (BMUKK) is initiator of [email protected] Together with pma and the Federal Computing Centre (BRZ) they want to provide free access – as soon as the testing phase will be completed – for all interested schools in 2014 via the website of the Federal Ministry of Education.


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Editor’s note: This series of articles is provided by the IPMA Education and Training (E&T) Board on the subject of project management education, training, careers and related topics.  More information about the IPMA E&T can be found at http://ipma.ch/education. 

About the Author

flag-austriapmwj19-feb2014-schaden-AUTHOR PHOTOBrigitte Schaden 

Vienna, Austria

Mag. Brigitte Schaden is a Managing Director, Chief Consultant, Coach and Business Mediator. President of Project Management Austria (pma), she is also Chairman of GAPPS, the Global Alliance for Project Performance Standards, and former President and Chair of the International Project Management Association (IPMA).  She is an International Assessor for IPMA, First Assessor of the Certification Body of the Romanian Project Management Association, First Assessor of the Certification Body of the Greek Project Management Association, and First Assessor of the Certification Body of Project Management Austria. Brigitte is an Honorary Fellow of the Project Management Associations in Australia, Greece and Nepal.  She is currently a Lecturer at the University of Klagenfurt and several Universities of Applied Science in Austria.

Brigitte has studied Insurance Mathematics at the University of Technology, Vienna, and Computer Technology at the University of Vienna.  She has a Certificate of Proficiency in English from The University of Michigan and has completed the Curriculum in Consulting and Coaching from CONECTA (ÖGGO) and the Curriculum of Business Mediation at the University of Klagenfurt/Falk group.  She is an IPMA Level B Certified Senior Project Manager.

Brigitte Schaden has many years of experience in the field of IT in bank and insurance companies, and in the field of Quality and Project Management, Training – Communication, Project Management.  She has been IT-Manager of an international trading company; Manager of Project Management Competence Center of Libro AG; and Manager of HR & Organisation & Project Portfoliomanagement of Lion.cc Libro Online AG. She has been active in pma and IPMA for over twenty years and has spoken at national and international conferences worldwide (Brazil, China, India, Korea, South Africa, Australia, Nepal, etc.).  Brigitte can be contacted at [email protected]