IPMA Council of Delegates convenes in Baku, Azerbaijan, elects executive staff for 2013 … 2014


By Jouko Vaskimo

Helsinki, Finland

International Project Management Association (IPMA) Council of Delegates (CoD) convened in Baku, Azerbaijan, and elected IPMA President, IPMA Executive Board (ExBo), and Chairman of IPMA CoD for 2013 … 2014. The official meeting of IPMA CoD, the highest decision-making body of the first global project management association, took place on September 29th … 30th 2012 with delegates from thirty IPMA Member Associations in attendance and further five being represented through a proxy system. The meeting was hosted by the Azerbaijan Project Management Association (AzPMA), the local IPMA Member Association.

A number of decisions were made in the meeting, including the approval of Asociación Colombiana de Gestión de Proyectos (ACGePro) of Colombia, Eesti Projektijuhtide Liit / Estonian Project Managers Association (EPMA) and Project Managers Development Association of Nigeria (PMDAN) as transitional members of IPMA.

IPMA executive staff for 2013 … 2014 (from left to right): Mr David Hudson, Mr Roberto Mori, Mr Nuno Ponces de Carvalho, Mrs Christiane Janssens, Mr Stacy Goff, Professor Mladen Radujkovic, Dr Jesús Martínez-Almela, Mr Andrew Bragg, Mr Reihard Wagner and Mr Amin Saidoun (photos courtesy Jouko Vaskimo)

Professor Mladen Radujkovic, the current IPMA Vice President of Research and Education / Training and President of Croatian Association for Project Management (CAPM), was elected IPMA President for 2013 … 2014. Dr Radujkovic assumes the two-year position after the tenure of Mr Roberto Mori, the current IPMA President, concludes at the end of 2012. The main duties of IPMA President include providing guidance and coordination to the ExBo activities aimed at fulfilling its basic tasks, which are representing IPMA in all its external relations including new memberships and strategic alliances, serving the CoD and implementing the decisions taken by the CoD, managing the IPMA pursuit of integration and effectiveness of all its activities, as well as supervision of all IPMA Management Boards, Working Groups, Programs and Projects.


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About the Author

Jouko Vaskimo


Jouko Vaskimo works as Development Manager at Aalto PRO, the Professional Development unit of Aalto University in Espoo, Finland. He is also an International Correspondent and Editorial Advisor for PM World in Finland. Jouko graduated from Helsinki University of Technology in 1992. Since then he has held project management related assignments with increasing levels for responsibility at Sinebrychoff Ltd, the oldest brewery in Scandinavia; Kemira Engineering Ltd, the leading chemicals manufacturer Finland; DNA Finland Ltd, a large Finnish mobile phone operator; Nokia Business Infrastructure; and Ixonos PLC, one of the leading Finnish ICT consultancies. Jouko holds the IPMA Level C (Project Manager) and Level B (Senior Project Manager) certificates and is the chairman of the Finnish IPMA Certification Body operating IPMA certification in Finland. He is a member of the Project Management Association Finland Board of Directors and a founding member of PMI Finland Chapter. He received the PMP certificate in 2003. Since October 2007, Jouko has been heading the Finnish delegation to ISO/PC 236 and ISO/TC 258. Jouko resides in Espoo, Finland and can be best contacted at jouko.vaskimo“at”aalto.fi .