IPMA Awards Assessor Vladimir Obradović Shares Project Success Insights With UT Dallas PM Symposium Audience

Attendees at the August 16-17, 2012, 6th Annual UT Dallas PM Symposium enjoyed, as in past years, many useful and informative presentations. One presenter flew from Serbia to share his insights, connecting IPMA’s Project Excellence Awards assessment criteria to Project Success. Vladimir Obradović has served on the IPMA Awards Management Board, assessed many projects in the Awards competition, and shared his perspective of the need for, and the value of, Ex-Post Project Assessment.

In a presentation that combined a wealth of useful statistics with perspectives about methods of collecting and applying lessons learned, Vladimir shared his team’s research in different active project review approaches, several document-based reviews, and NASA’s RECALL approach. This research is explained in more detail in his Symposium paper, Ex-post Project Assessment: What Do We Learn From It?

He then explained the IPMA Project Excellence model, which combines processes and results (see below), to evaluate project success. The model’s Key Performance and Project Results Criteria are the foundation for Awards assessment, and also help in predicting project success. The model is useful for benchmarking, and one can even use the sub-criteria as factors to manage to improve project success. It is no wonder that some organizations send staff to Assessor Trainings just to improve their results.

© 2012 IPMA, from the Project Excellence Model

Since 2001, over 70 projects have reached the Finals in IPMA’s Project Excellence competition. Vladimir shared statistics from his team’s sample of 59 projects that they have evaluated. One chart rated eight key project factors, and the extent to which they are evaluated after project closure. While Schedule, Cost, Resources and Results were cited as Often or Always evaluated post-project, the majority of the time, Risks were less frequently evaluated, indicating a great improvement opportunity. Looking at countries, Vladimir showed the countries with the most Awards finalists, and average project budgets. He also shared the top IPMA Project Excellence award winners, by country.

Made in the USA

While the Project Excellence model is based on Europe’s Business Excellence Model, EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management), Vladimir traced EFQM’s roots to the USA’s TQM program, and the Malcolm Baldridge Award. Ironic, because asapm, IPMA-USA is now adapting the IPMA Project Excellence Awards program for the USA.

About Vladimir Obradović

Vladimir Obradović is an assistant professor at University of Belgrade, Faculty of Organizational Sciences. He is a director of YUPMA Cert – Serbian Project Management Association (IPMA-Serbia) Certification Body, member of IPMA Award Management Board, Project Excellence Awards Assessor, and EU Project Assessor.

Vladimir’s primary research area is focused on project management, strategic management and change management. He has published over 60 papers on various management topics and took part in several research projects for Ministry of Science. For his research and publishing results he has been awarded the highest Scientific A1 category by Serbian Ministry of Science.

About IPMA Awards

The IPMA (International Project Management Association) International Project Excellence Award is annually awarded to the most successful project teams in the world. The Project Excellence (PE) Awards program is based on Europe’s Business Excellence Model, EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management). IPMA’s Global Awards program, with nations worldwide competing for top honors in categories based on initiative size.

About the UT Dallas PM Symposium

The 6th Annual UT Dallas PM Symposium, held August 16-17, 2012, was themed Project Management in a Risky World. Each year, it focuses on topics relevant to organizations, industries and the economy in North Texas, USA.

The annual event is sponsored by the Graduate Program in Project Management at the University of Texas at Dallas, in cooperation with the PMI® Dallas Chapter and PM World Inc. The event is consistently one of the USA’s best regional Project and Program Management-oriented events every year.

Stacy Goff – Vladimir Obradović

6th UT Dallas Project Management Symposium, Richardson, Texas, USA

16 August 2012 (photo courtesy of PM World Inc.)


— Reported by Stacy Goff, asapm President, IPMA Vice President of Marketing & Events.


Editor’s note: Stacy Goff was a keynote speaker and track presenter at the 6th UT Dallas Project Management Symposium in Texas this year.