IPMA Announces 2013 Project Excellence Jury Members


Report from the IPMA Project Excellence Awards

By Ewa Bednarczyk 

Krakow, Poland

Rich experience in project management, different working backgrounds and cultural awareness, contribution to spreading the project excellence philosophy and experience in project evaluation. This is what characterizes this year’s IPMA Project Excellence Award Jury Panel. 


– 3 Jury members are previous IPMA PE Award Finalists

– 2 Jury members were also IPMA VP Presidents responsible for the Awards

– 3 Jury members acted as an Award Assessor

– 2 Jury members acted as a Jury for the National PE Awards

– 3 Jury members received prestigious Otto’s Zieglmeier Award for contribution to the development of the IPMA PE Awards.

This year Project Excellence Awards Applicants will be in great hands:

  • Mrs. Mary McKinlay, UK
  • Mrs. Constanta Bodea, Romania
  • Mr. Frank Menter, Germany
  • Mr. Roberto Mori, Italy
  • Mr. Hans van Wieren, The Netherlands

The Awards Jury was convened for the 2013 PE Award edition by Reinhard Wagner, IPMA Vice President–Awards, Mary Koutintcheva–Award Management Board Chairman and Ewa Bednarczyk–IPMA Award Office Manager.

The mission of the IPMA Award Jury is to decide objectively, based on the information provided by the IPMA Award Team Lead Assessors (TLA) and Award assessor teams, which projects can be IPMA Finalists, Bronze, Silver Winners and Gold Winner for the current years. Mrs. Mary McKinlay explains: “the Jury members are unique in the Awards system as the only people who have an overview of all the entries. Team Lead assessor and Assessors only have visibility of the entry that they are examining. All the Jury members are familiar with the PE Model and how the Award works.” The IPMA Award Jury’s goal is to meet twice to make the right decision.

The first Jury meeting, which this year takes place on 15 June 2013, is a conference call during which the IPMA Award Chairman acts as a moderator of the IPMA Award Jury meetings. She will present the IPMA Award Applicants for the current year. The IPMA Award Jury then specifies key questions and additional information that must be checked during the Site visit.

Mrs. Mary McKinlay adds: “the first Jury meeting is a review of all the entries and the jurors have the TLA reports to guide them as well as access to the entries if they wish. In the early days of the IPMA Excellence Awards, the jury would decide if an entry should have a site visit or not but now it is assumed that all entries will have a site visit. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the findings of the assessor team up to the first team virtual meeting, check that the entry is in the correct category and identify areas that may need further investigation or clarification on the site visit.”


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About the Author 

flag-polandEwa-BednarczykEWA BEDNARCZYK

Krakow, Poland

Ewa Bednarczyk currently works for the International Project Management Association (IPMA) where she has administered the IPMA International Project Excellence Award Office since 2007. She is responsible for the coordination of the projects’ assessment process, including organization of the assessors training, assessors’ team composition, preparation of the Jury and final reports. She is the first contact person for the current and potential applicants and those who are interested in the Project Excellence Model. Moreover she supports the establishment of national Project Excellence Awards among IPMA member associations around the world.  Ewa is also a partner in a company pm2pm sp. z o.o. which offers project management training in Poland. Pm2pm mainly trains candidates for the IPMA certification.

In year 2010-2012 Ewa served as the IPMA-Pl Vice President responsible for the Polish Project Excellence Award. Ewa graduated from the Kraków University of Economics and Avans Hogeschool in Breda. She is an IPMA Level-D certificate holder. In her free time she regularly plays squash and treks. Her favorite destination is Nepal.  Ewa is also an occasional International Correspondent for PM World in Kraków, Poland.  She can be contacted at: [email protected].