Investment-Centric Project Management


Book Title: Investment-Centric Project Management: Advanced Strategies for Developing and Executing Successful Capital Projects
Author:  Steven James Keays, M.A. Sc., P.Eng.
Publisher:  J. Ross
List Price:   $ 59.95
Format:  Hard Cover, 419 pages
Publication Date:   2017
ISBN – 13:978-1-60427-142-3
Reviewer: Marta Santos, PhD
Review Date: March 2018



Nothing like a brilliant and bold statement on the very beginning of a book! In this volume, Steven Keays unleashes a series of thought provoking and challenging arguments that defies the traditional definition of project management and its current state. This book brings about a concept named, Investment-Centric Project Management, along with remarkable insights derived from years of experience in aerospace, defense, manufacturing, and oil and gas industries to show you how to make projects work and organizations succeed.

Overview of Book’s Structure

The book is structured in 7 parts. Each one dissects the W5H (what, why, when, where, and how) technique in ways I have never seen before. Included in the last section, there are samples, structured plans and other valuable examples of supporting documents to learn from.


Investment-Centric Project Management is a true multidisciplinary approach to project management. The author masterly blends in physics, math, molecular biology, the laws of the universe, psychology, and business to give his expert view on project management. It’s hard to believe that the essence of project management is missed in the process of trying to make it work. Remember:

  1. “A project is the investment vehicle to realize the asset.”
  2. The management philosophy must be anchored to the asset, as a business investment.
  3. Strategies should be built as prescriptions are. As the author defines it, “a strategy is effective when it is prescriptive, procedurally specific, continuously consulted, and adaptable. “A strategy is not a generic statement to do something. It is a precise road map…” Avoid the 9 deadly contract sins! (Chapter 16)
  4. Projects should also be viewed as networks. As complex as neuronal networks, yet manageable when carefully set in place.
  5. Accountability decreases risks and execution costs. Learn its true definition.
  6. Explicit, unequivocal, and to the point. Three words to define phase execution plans.
  7. Organizational long-term survival can’t be attained without miscegenation.

Highlights: What I liked!

The second and third pages of this book deliver enough impact and bring the reader to a total new reality of what the author defines as project management. As a reader, one must be open and willing to consider new views and sometimes opt out of traditional methods. This book can facilitate that if you are willing to challenge yourself and the status quo.


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About the Reviewer

Marta Santos, PhD

Texas, USA



Marta Santos
 currently serves on a Global Cybersecurity Transformation Program as a Project Coordinator – IT Security. Marta previously served on a Global IT Infrastructure Refresh Project after transitioning from a productive career in the Life Sciences as a Research Scientist and author on major scientific journals. She is looking forward to growing in and contributing to the Project Management profession. She adds to the PM World Journal by providing reviews on portfolio, programs and project management books. Naturalized American from Brazil, Marta currently lives in the Dallas Forth Worth area.  Email address: www.linkedin.com/in/martabsantos


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