Interview with Prof Sergey Bushuyev, Ukrainian Project Management Association



Kiev, Ukraine




Sergey Bushuyev, PhD, Dr. Sc., is Professor at Kiev National University of Construction and Architecture (KNUCA) in Kiev, Ukraine, Honorary Scientist of Ukraine, Laureate of National Scientific Award, and Honorary member of IPMA .

Professor Bushuyev is Head of the Department of Project management at KNUCA, specializing in Strategic Project Management and Organizational Development. He is also founder and President of the Ukrainian Project Management Association (www.UPMA.Kiev.ua) and founder of the Project Management Academy in Ukraine (1999).

Sergey studied at Kyiv Engineering-Construction Institute, faculty of Automation and Information Technology (1970), PhD (1973), Dr.Sc. (1986), Professor (1988), and honorary Scientist and Technician of Ukraine (2003). He served as Founder and President of the Ukrainian Project Management Association (UPMA) (1993); active member of the New York Academy of Sciences (1996); Head of Project Management Department (1997); Adjunct Professor at University of Technology Sydney, Australia (2002); visiting Professor at ESC Lille, France(2003); Member of Certification Validation Management Board of the International Project Management Association – IPMA (1997); Ukrainian Academy of Sciences – Active member (2003); and St. Petersburg Academy of Engineering Science (Russia, 1998) – Active member.

Dr. Bushuyev has published more than 200 scientific books and articles. He is a member of the editorial board of the International Journal of Project Management published by IPMA, and for several other national and international Journals. He has read lectures and taught courses at Bremen University in Germany; at the Economic Development Institute of the World Bank in Washington, DC, USA; at the Bratislava Technical University in Slovakia; at Strasclaide University of Glasgow, Scotland in the UK; in the Total Quality Management program in Sweden; at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration in Austria; at the Lograno University in Spain; Poland University of Business Administration; and at Brno University in the Czech Republic.

Since 1975, Dr. Bushuyev has prepared 40 candidates for Science (Ph.D.) and Doctor of Science in Development Information Management Systems and Project Management. Since 1996 he has been responsible for preparing more than 2500 candidates for Masters of Science degrees in Project Management. Recipient of an Award as the best professor of Ukraine in 1987.


This interview was conducted via email in late March 2015 by David Pells, managing editor of the PM World Journal. Before asking questions, David mentioned some of the recent geopolitical economic issues unfolding in Ukraine.

Professor Bushuyev, thank you for agreeing to answer a few questions about the situation in Ukraine and the impact of developments over the last year on your country, institution and personal life. It has now been just over one year since the political changes in Ukraine following the Maiden demonstrations in Kiev and the subsequent Russian annexation of the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea, a drastic blow to Ukraine’s sovereignty. In addition, since February 2014 a civil war has raged in Eastern Ukraine where Russian-backed separatists have seized control of much of the Donbas Region, including the Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts and some bordering areas. Since late 2014, cities outside of the Donbass combat zone, such as Kharkiv, Odessa, Kiev and Mariupol, have been struck by bombings that targeted pro-Ukrainian unity organizations.

While Europe and North America have announced economic and political support to Ukraine over the last year, and various sanctions have been levied against Russia, Ukraine has received little military assistance and seems to be nearly alone in trying to defend itself from Russian aggression. A number of European and international financial institutions have also provided some economic and financial assistance, including the World Bank’s announcement in early March of a $40 billion aid package. Nonetheless, Ukraine has suffered immense economic damage, Ukrainian citizens and organizations have been seriously hurt, and the country seems to have been set back on its path to democracy and modernization.

I have known you since our first meeting in Kiev in 1992; we have met many times at international project management conferences; I have met your family, colleagues and students; you have been a mentor and advisor for the PM World Journal and library for many years; and we have remained in contact via email. For these reasons, I have watched the events in Ukraine unfold with growing concern for your well-being, and the future of the Ukrainian Association of Project Management, which you founded shortly after our first meeting and which has been the Ukrainian representative in IPMA for the last 15 years or more.

With that brief introduction, I now pose the following questions that I think will be of interest to your friends, colleagues and readers around the world.

PM World Journal (PMWJ): How would you describe the current situation in Kiev?

Prof Sergey Bushuyev:    There is considerable pressure of events in the East on psychological atmosphere in Kiev. We clarify struggle of the oligarchs and politicians for state-owned assets. Redistribution of spheres of influence in profitable business and last units of state property.

PMWJ:         Is the government functioning effectively?

Bushuyev:   No, for one year they destroyed practically all economy. Many Ministers were appointed for political reasons. They are not competent and do not have experience in public administration. There were many declarations about intention and nothing happened!!! Economy is going to collapse!


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