Interview with Nedret Orbay


Interview with Nedret Orbay

Co-Chair of TPYME
Turkish Professional Project Manager’s Institute


Interviewed by
İpek Sahra Özgüler

Istanbul, Turkey


Ipek Sahra Özgüler (Özgüler): Dear Nedret, please tell us about yourself a little bit so PMWorld Journal readers get to know you?

Nedret Orbay (Orbay): I graduated from Hacettepe University as one of the very first computer Engineers in Turkey. After that, I have worked as system engineer, project manager, technical manager, regional manager, consultant either in public and private sector since graduation and took part in several national, international EU and World Bank projects successfully.

I am acting as consultant and managing partner in Alfa Bilgi Teknolojileri Yönetim Danışmanlık. I am also Vice President of NORM Eğitim Danışmanlık Derneği and Co-Chair of TPYME – Turkish Professional Project Manager’s Institute.

Özgüler When was TPYME (Turkish Professional Project Managers’ Institute) established? What is its vision and mission of this institute?

Orbay:         TPYME (TPPMI) was established unanimously during the convention of the National Project Management Professionals Conference (UPMK) (http://www.upmk.org/), first held on May 2010. TPPMI (http://www.tpyme.org/), is a Social Media and Solidarity Platform. It is also a program running under NORM, Association for Training and Consultancy (http://www.norm.org.tr/).

The institute is composed of professionals and peers, building recognition and reputation, collaborating, researching and creating awareness/standards and training, all based on qualification and volunteering.

The institute aims to: determine project management techniques and approaches suitable to the Turkish culture and traditions, validate and determine the reliability of global applications, support, defend and network for the establishement of legal frameworks for project management applications, support the development of project team members and companies in terms of project knowledge areas, determine professional principles and standards, and prepare, monitor and update certificates of recognition and reputation.

Özgüler:       What is your role at the TPPMI? What are the current activities of the institute?

Orbay:         I am the Co-Chair of the institute.

The institute organizes monthly coffee meetings for members, during which a key note speaker delivers a brief presentation followed by discussions. The main activity of the institute is to organize a yearly conference to promote sharing new applied ideas in the Turkish community and networking for all members of projects and teams. The institute also maintains a website.

Continue to work on the national standards with NORM, organising seminars and meetings about presenting and recognition of the National Project Manager Certificate both in public and private sectors. The National Project Manager Profession has been approved and published as a national standard in Official Gazette on 2013. The qualification framework of the standard also completed and approved on 2016. The certification process is planning to be started in 4th quarter 2017.

Organising trainings based on National Project Manager Standard and Qualifications.


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About the Interviewer

İpek Sahra Özgüler

Istanbul, Turkey


İpek Sahra Özgüler
graduated from the Istanbul University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering and from Middle East Technical University with an MSc degree in Software Management. As a project manager, she has more than 10 years’ experience in various areas such as portfolio management, program management, project management, software management, business analysis. She became a certified PMP in January, 2012 and a certified SCRUM Master in 2014.

She has managed a variety of projects across manufacturing, defence, FMCG (Cola Cola), insurance (Euler Hermes), audit (Deloitte), telecommunication, ICT and aviation sectors and gained broader insights. In addition, she has worked as international correspondent for the PM World Journal since 2014.

İpek is based in Isanbul and can be contacted at [email protected] Her portfolio is published at the http://ipeksahra.strikingly.com/.

To view other works by Ms. Özgüler, visit her author showcase in the PM World Library at http://pmworldlibrary.net/authors/ipek-sahra-ozguler/